Incompetence breeds Incompetence


Incompetence breeds Incompetence

“We don’t have the capability to go out and collect up large numbers of people,” Defense Secretary Gen. Lloyd Austin said. The U.S. is relying on the Taliban to let Americans and Afghan allies pass through checkpoints to reach the Kabul airport. Aug. 18, 2021

Then to say that in 12 days we will have accomplished the feat of removing 14,000+ American lives and possibly more of our allies if we don’t run out of time first?

To make public insane statements like that is a disgrace. Since when do we not have trained reactionary forces on standby for a time such as this – Leave nobody behind!

Where has this man come from? How in the world did he rise past the rank of second lieutenant? How in the world did he become the Secretary of Defense? Because President Biden is not capable of firing him, it is time for him to resign!

I speak for nobody but myself as a retired army noncommissioned officer and those statements are not acceptable. In fact the United States of America is fully capable of getting American citizens and our allies out of harm’s way without the help of enemy forces. We need the “woke” political figureheads to step aside.

To have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs cowering beside him is sickening. Do we not have ANY senior leadership left? Did all common sense vanish during the 8 years of Obama or the 4 years of Trump? I’m sorry but this lead from behind leadership style is unacceptable. To go from a position of strength to a “mommy may I” with the Taliban more than anti-American, it is simply un-American!

Do not let Kabul become Biden’s Benghazi! We have Americans in harm’s way and we have the overwhelming capability to sweep in and bring home every American citizen, and remove any force that gets in the way. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Incompetence breeds Incompetence

  1. This is my opinion only. With all of the surveillance equipment the U.S. has and all of the info the NSA gathers; our government knew where the Taliban was at any given time.
    I believe this tragedy was created to take news media attention off of the voter fraud investigation.
    In other words this administration is using a magicians card trick: Slight of Hand.


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