Getting the Jab a Personal Choice


Getting the Jab a Personal Choice

From the start this China Virus has always been about controlling people by using their fear of dying from COVID-19. Initially we were told to self-isolate for 15 days to stop the spread. Businesses were deemed as non-essential, schools were shut down, church gatherings were forbidden and shopping was for essentials only, but at select big box and home improvement stores, but wearing a mask and social distancing was a must to prevent the spread.

Doctors and medical professionals soon began prescribing treatments using time honored medicines in emergency rooms and doctor offices and patient health responded.

When politics became involved, non-medical “experts” pressured hospitals and forbid medical doctors from prescribing certain standard medical treatments at risk of losing their jobs, their practices and their medical licenses and adopt only “approved” treatments. Patients treated at hospitals and emergency rooms were ALL considered COVID patients, regardless of their illness and fatality rates from “approved” treatments became staggering and began to overwhelm medical professionals.

Government and private industry developed emergency use vaccinations in record time and the results became mixed as some who were vaccinations suffered adverse effects shortly after vaccinations, including some cases resulted in death. Patients admitted into hospitals were being diagnosed as COVID patients with only “approved” treatments, including the use of ventilators (breathing machines) to assist the lungs often died causing medical professionals to express concern that the “approved” treatment was worse than the virus as ventilators require inserting a tube through the throat causing damage to the throat and the lungs.

The COVID virus prevents the red blood cells from carrying oxygen through the blood stream to every part of the body, thus patients have become deprived of oxygen. Ventilators do nothing to send oxygen to the body through the blood stream and without oxygen patients die.

So when government agencies prevent medical experts from treating their patients with proven medications, then demand that everyone get vaccinated not once, or twice but three times or more it leads to skepticism and doubt that the vaccine will itself result in death for people with certain outstanding medical issues.

Unless medical professionals are free to prescribe their own treatment regimens and medicines according to their knowledge, experience and training without outside interference and patients are free to decide if that treatment is right for them after consulting with their doctor, getting vaccinated should remain a personal choice because the side-effects and/or after effects are personal.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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