You Expect Me To Believe?


You Expect Me To Believe?

J6 was an insurrection

Vaccine mandates are for my protection

Mask mandates are to keep me safe

The 2020 Election Fraud is a hoax

The massive assault on the integrity and sovereignty of the United States by undocumented illegal aliens simply be called rescuing refugees?

The troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is going as planned

Joe Biden is the best hope for America

It’s still Trumps fault

Let me begin by restating what I have already said in various blog posts. The J6 Insurrection was not only a hoax but an inside job between Congressional leaders, the Department of Justice, State governments and Social Media and Media parent organizational owners and/or board members.

Why else was Speaker Pelosi emboldened to contact Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Miley and administration officials to push forth the J6 narrative?

Who ordered in the National Guard to construct secure fencing around what Speaker Pelosi called the Temple of Democracy?

Who ordered the Department of Justice to hunt down Trump’s MAGA supporters who participated in the nearby MAGA rally held on J6, apprehend and place them in indefinite solitary-like confinement without charges?

Who initiated Impeachment Hearings based on distorted and often fabricated hearsay?

Who attempted to introduce bills stripping President Trump of the privileges of a former president after he left office, having been twice cleared of impeachment charges?

Who has attempted to introduce a bill preventing former presidents who have been impeached from holding or running for political office, even after they have been exonerated?

Why have federal agencies continually overridden medical doctors from prescribing COVID treatment that are based on sound medical knowledge, experience and advice from doctors who have successfully treated the virus?

Where is the science?

Why has there been a nationwide and global push for 100% global vaccination for a manmade biological warfare agent disguised as a virus?

Where is the science?

Why is there a continual push for facemasks indoors, outdoors, alone or in a crowd when conventional cloth and disposable facemasks do nothing to prevent a virus from penetrating the mask?

Where is the science?

Why if the 2020 election was the most secure election in our nation’s history have select state election officials and major party officials engaged massive quantities of legal attorneys, staff and Hollywood celebrities to oppose nationwide forensic audits of every county, every precinct  of every candidate?

What happens when it comes down to results? Will elections be reversed? Will election officials and supervisors be held accountable? Will those who conspired to defraud the American people be prosecuted and held punitively accountable? Will they go to prison?

America has been under a coordinated attack using undocumented illegal aliens coming across our southern border with Mexico, challenging the sovereignty of our nation. Elected officials who make the laws of the United States based on their constitutional duties have not only embraced this attack but in several cases have actively participated in breaking the law by enabling the continuation and displacement of thousands of illegals in cities across the nation without keeping records of those placements. Elected officials have effectively tied the hands of law enforcement preventing the apprehension, expulsion and blocking of these offenders, and have gone so far as to enact a pathway to citizenship, clearly a violation of current immigration laws. Will these law breaking elected officials be held accountable for their actions?

In 2020 President Trump announced a measured withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and warned Taliban leadership of the consequences of attacking US forces during this withdrawal period.

In 2021 President Biden effectively withdrew the US from that withdrawal agreement and chose to simply withdraw ALL US FORCES from the region without regard to the destabilizing effect it would have on the region. So rapid was the withdrawal that $M of US equipment and arms was left behind, as were US civilian contractors and their Afghan counterparts left to the fate of the Taliban.

Biden administration officials have repeatedly said the US doesn’t have the capability to bring our citizens home and even stated publicly the US trusts the Taliban for their safety.

Officials have said recovering US citizens is not the sensible thing to do.

Officials have said US citizens must download the proper paperwork from the internet and present their credentials at the airport plus pay a $2500 travel expense for the privilege to fly home.

In a recent conference call between congressional leaders, Biden administration officials and others (no mention of President Biden or VP Harris being on the call), Speaker Pelosi said “we’re in a good place and all they need to do is get to the airport” and the call ended.

So how is it that the Speaker of the House is making tactical decisions concerning DOD operations in a hostile combat zone? Is that not the sole responsibility of the Commander-In-Chief? Was Biden even on that call and was it legal or constitutional? Once again why was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Secretary of Defense taking direction/orders from Speaker Pelosi or anyone OTHER THAN POTUS?

It has become very clear that this Congress and this Administration have gone off the rails of normalcy and are routinely violating the separation of powers written into the Constitution.

What is also clear and very apparent is the sitting President of the United States not capable of executing powers of his the office.

Using the 25th Amendment is akin to digging a hole even deeper for America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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