Writing is Coping Therapy


Writing is Coping Therapy

When I write it is my way of coping with life. I began writing to Obama in 2009 shortly after he took office. I say took office because that is exactly what he did. While the Democratic Party was playing footsy with Queen Hillary and she was dancing to her own tune, her co-legislator in the Senate simply changed the song and literally stole the DNC nomination right out from under her. He used Senator Joe Biden as his running mate simply for his name recognition and long standing in the annals of Congress.

Adhering to a principle of holding your friends close and your enemies closer after the inauguration of January 20, 2009 Obama nominated her to be his Secretary of State. This was a pretty smart move because it was like dangling a carrot in front of a mule.

That was the Democratic Dream Team of 2009 and the first order of business was to make a statement and bring change to America like nobody had ever seen before. I still remember Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac and who were the go out and get them voter registration teams?

No matter change came at a price and the sly old fox was still at it. A little known bit of trivia was to be called the Affordable Care Act which Senator Clinton worked hard to get passed. It should have been known as Clintoncare but history called it Obamacare. She was in no position to voice her opposition.

There were many concerns during Obamas rule but nothing that made him say Ahhhh. 

The biggest fire was Benghazi in 2012 on the anniversary of 9/11, a little overlooked secret detail about scud missiles into Syrian hands and newly handpicked Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens who was to clean it up, but things just got out of hand.

The cover story fed to us by Susan Rice was the video mocking Mohammad was what led to the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others at the US Embassy Annex in Benghazi, far away from the Embassy in Tripoli that had been under construction after a fire.

Even the repeated calls for help went unanswered. It seemed that nobody in authority was in the situation room to watch the live feed video from an overhead drone in Benghazi. Where was everybody?

That story has been thoroughly rationalized by US officials and everything possible was done…..except dispatching a team in Tripoli, a military swat team in nearby Italy or even an answered phone call saying help was on the way.

Like many others I held Secretary Hillary Clinton fully responsible and accountable for the events that day. Where was VP Joe Biden, big O’s right hand man? More importantly where was President Obama (out of the office on a family vacation to Hawaii?) We may never know, but hey what difference does it make anyway?

Hillary dumps her classified emails claiming ignorance of federal rules about handling classified material only on a classified military internet. She got a pass hoping everybody forgot.

Then comes her turn and in 2016 Hillary is once again the party favorite and the first woman headed for the Oval Office. Things were lined up, the stars were aligned perfectly and the unexpected happened. Donald Trump took the GOP nomination and the White House. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that and American Democrats went into defibrillation and had a massive panic attack.

I won’t go over the events of the past 4 years but to say that EVERY ONE happened as a Democratic diversion to prevent Trump from being successful in his agenda to make our country better than ever before. They slandered, harassed, incited riots, kicked him off social media, impeached him twice The final straw was to have been the rigged 2020 presidential election where the very bottom of the Democratic barrel of candidates were teamed together to be crowned king and queen. Someone jokingly said if they paint Biden’s basement and stage it as the Oval Office he will think he’s the president. I’m beginning to think that wasn’t so farfetched after all.

The “Big Lie” began with Joe Biden standing before a huge sign “Office of the President-Elect” which didn’t exist begging Trump to concede. The sitting President did not concede, and in fact contested the election results, as he continues to do today.

By this time the hidden lie was Joe Biden’s mental state which his family should have protected him. They didn’t!

When Trump didn’t fold like a cheap suit they took things to another level and blamed him for inciting an insurrection to disrupt the government (exactly what they had done to him).

After 8 months in office the state of the leader has taken a drastic turn for the worse as evident in press briefings and meetings with foreign leaders. In recent weeks VP Harris has noticeably distanced herself from the President. He goes on vacation and she flies around the nation and the world doing what? Telling us to wear our masks, get the jab and buy Christmas presents.

From Biden’s opening the southern border, to flying in “refugees” from Afghanistan while leaving Americans to fend for themselves he has made a mockery of the office of the President of the United States. World leaders see him as a weak leader. Our allies have been betrayed, as have our citizens overseas. Today the stats are staggering pertaining to evacuation of people, yet the vast majority of US citizens remain stranded and at the hands of the Taliban, who just today killed 12 of our service men and women, American civilians (women and children) and countless Afghan allies in Kabul.

We have the strongest military in the world, being run by the weakest leaders (civilian and military) who are depending on the Taliban to keep our guys safe?

Do they not know the TALIBAN IS THE ENEMY?

Just today US officials handed over a comprehensive list of American personnel and our allies so they can be checked off as they are allowed into the airport to await evacuation.

More than 8,500 Afghan Christian refugees were turned down for asylum by the US State Department, but were flown by another nation to a European country.

In earlier blogs I suspected things would be bad, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever suspect that it would only take less than 250 days into this administration to create all the havoc we are seeing today. The real bad news unless Biden is impeached the USA-America will implode and sink by self-inflicted “Suicide-By-Biden”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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