If I Could Advise Trump – MAGA-D


If I Could Advise Trump – MAGA-D

I have a radical plan that could change American politics as we know it. Yes I know it’s radical and really wild but something nobody would expect.

Years ago Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater Girl (Republican) and Donald Trump was a Democrat. Yep truth is stranger than fiction.

The political face off came during the election of 2016 where Hillary ran as a Democrat and Trump won as a Republican. Nothing has been the same politically from that point on.

If I were advising Donald Trump on returning to the White House I’d tell him go back to his roots. It only makes since that once a Democrat always a Democrat so why not run as a Democrat and do as Obama did in 2008 – take the DNC nomination away from their best candidate. It would mean not abandoning the red MAGA caps, but using them in conjunction with a whole new line of blue MAGA-D caps.

I mean if you think of it, the electronic voting systems machines and software have already been manipulated to exclude Republican votes by using the word RepubIican (it showed up with red underline that alerts to a misspelled word). Replace the l in Republican with a capital I (i) and it’s hidden to the naked eye.

Then with Trump running as a MAGA-D he could maintain his Republican MAGA base and pick up the Democrats at the same time.

Now to have a little fun with this radical idea, if Trump switched parties to Democrat now, he would stand a chance that if VP Harris calls a #25, she could pick Trump as her new VP. Then he could call a #25 and give her the boot and we wouldn’t have to wait for 2024.

You don’t have to thank me. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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