You Can Lead a Horse to Water


You Can Lead a Horse to Water

This morning I was having this discussion with my youngest daughter and we began talking about masks, vaccines, and the virus. While shopping, at work or in the big box stores we have had people respond very differently when encountering others who don’t hold the same opinion as we do.

Everyone assumes that those not wearing a mask are putting others in danger – they’re spreading the virus! Not true. Those wearing masks think the mask is keeping them from getting the virus. Not necessarily true either. The mask when used in close proximity to others will reduce the chances of having infected or exposed people cough, sneeze or spread germs into your mouth or nose. It will prevent you from doing the same to others. Wearing a mask is a courtesy, it is also a choice.

The fact of the matter is this virus is not a normal virus. It is a man-made concoction and continues to act irrationally, or at least not the way viruses traditionally “act”.  What we know about the virus is that it prevents the red blood cells from carrying oxygen throughout the body. A vaccine or treatment regimen MUST restore the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

There are some who are violently opposed to getting the jab. Nobody knows the composition of any of the various vaccines and people are dying right and left after taking the jab, right? Do the three leading pharmaceutical companies all use the same ingredients?  Why or why not? Why does the CDC advocate for some, but not others? I had some of those same thoughts about the vaccine, too.

There is no one size fits all vaccine that works the same for everybody. Like all vaccines how well they work depends on one’s health or medical condition and life-style. Most vaccines have both known and unknown side effects. The risks have to be taken into effect to determine if the cure is worse than the virus. There are consequences to consider before taking the vaccine and it MUST be a personal choice or family decision.

Mandates are not the right way to do anything. Remember when you were a child and you were told to sit at the table until you eat ALL the food on your plate?

People are responsive when it comes to making their own choices. Sometimes they are bad choices. Other times the choices are good. People, who smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs must deal with the consequences of their actions. Whether it is harmful to the human body or simply makes one feel “good” at the time; driving a car; flying an airplane; cruising across the water in a boat or skiing down a snow-covered mountain slope or walking to the mailbox, everything has consequences.

The old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” applies here.

If you make it appealing to ones sense of fun, fair play or safety will they not be more likely to voluntarily participate? If you make it mandatory it then ceases to be fun, fair or safe.

In our society we have collectively taken things in life that are taboo and turned them into “acceptable” behavior, then taken a leap forward and mandated they be taught in schools to our children. We are then told being acceptable isn’t enough, but we must become willing participants or face being ostracized and separated from society because we’re not team players.

Politically we are told that anyone who things, says or does what is different than what OUR PARTY says is disloyal to the party and anti-American and they must change their thinking to the party thinking or else.

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – General George S. Patton, Jr.

It seems to me that if you make something voluntary you will have more people willing to give it a try. If you make the risks known publicly then they will have nobody to blame but themselves because they knew in advance what the risks were. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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