My Take on Mitch McConnell’s Statement on Impeaching Biden

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell


My Take on Mitch McConnell’s Statement on Impeaching Biden

I know many people are ragging on McConnell over his comments that Biden won’t be impeached, but he’s 100% correct.

The House is the only body that can impeach. The Senate is the only body to try an impeachment. When it’s about impeaching the President the Chief Justice presides over the proceedings.

Trump was impeached by the Democratic House twice, not because of what he did, but because Speaker Pelosi wanted to prove how important she was, more so than the President. Trump was tried first by a Republican led Senate and second by a Democratic led Senate, and there were members on both sides who voted to acquit both times, again not by anything Trump had done, but because the charges against him were non-impeachable charges according to Constitutional standards.

Both trials were purely for show. The Democrats wanted to show how smart they were compared to Trump who had the best defense against those worthless charges. The Democrats had the media to sway public opinion with every word that came out of the mouths of the best the Democrats had.

Granted McConnell is one of the GOP Trump huggers when it’s to his political advantage, including when his wife was appointed to Trump’s cabinet. But as we’ve seen over and over again when the chips are down, their buffalo chips. McConnell has repeatedly caved to pressure from across the aisle.

In both chambers of Congress there are political power centers either by party, committees or caucuses. Most of the caucuses are in the House. Committees are in both chambers. Chairmen control the direction of each committee and sub-committee. If the chair doesn’t push it forward it stops.

How do we fix it? Voters fix it by voting smarter. State legislatures fix it by clamping down on election and voter fraud and putting violators in prison with hefty fines. The House and Senate fix it by going against the norm and electing party leadership in their respective chambers. And by attacking ethics violators and removing them from committees or caucuses, or better yet expelling them from Congress. Governors fix it by appointing well qualified candidates to political office for the right reasons.

Overall Congress fixes it by cutting the pork, spending taxpayer funds as if it’s out of their own personal bank accounts. Balancing the national budget should happen when Congress becomes smarter and greedy politicians are removed. Not everyone who qualifies for political office should be elected or appointed to political office. You wouldn’t want an animal abuser as a dog catcher or animal control person. You wouldn’t want a sex offender in charge of public education. And you don’t want someone who is not a doctor prescribing treatment or medicines. Nobody wants a just barely surgeon operating on hearts or brains.

Back to McConnell, what he was saying is that under the current political climate in Congress with Democrats in control of both chambers, Speaker Pelosi will not move Articles of Impeachment against Biden or Harris, even if it meant she had a chance to become President. They are her party and she won’t jeopardize her political standing within the party. She’s much too important for that. With no Articles of Impeachment, Schumer will not bring the Senate into trial mode.

So inevitably the climate and political balance of power must change drastically, but even then the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate must put aside political bias and move legislation and impeachment when warranted forward to restore order and some resemblance of trust from the American people who sent them to Congress.

We have seen how hatred and political bias when taken to extremes can blowup into the faces of the very people who were supposedly working for “We The People”, but became greedy for power and financial gain. The TDS was so bad and voters became so worked up politically that they were curling up in their safe spaces and had to have a backup of tissues and incense just to make it from day to day.

What would have happened had George Washington threw in the towel and let the British keep the colonies? Or if Teddy Roosevelt had refused to ride up San Juan Hill because he found a note criticizing his leadership style?

Throughout the history of our nation brave men and women have given their all for the good of our country. They have pledged their sacred honor and many have given their lives for freedom and so that others may live.

McConnell may be the snake in the grass that everyone thinks he is, but voting him out of office is better than letting him “retire” from public service. How does that happen anyway? Members of Congress should serve no more than 2 terms, then go back to their chosen profession and let others serve. Those who have spent their entire lives in Congress should be sent to the unemployment line and made to do a job search just like everyone else. America deserves better! America deserves the very best we have to offer! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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