What if Joe Has A Plan?


What if Joe Has A Plan?

Many things bother me about the Afghanistan fiasco and how it played out. For the past 20 years the USA has waged a war on terror in Southwest Asia. We as a nation have played both ends against the middle so to speak. We support India during hostilities with Pakistan that have been ongoing almost from the time they broke away from Brittan During this same period the USA has funded Pakistan as it became the only nuclear power in the region. On the other hand Pakistan has been funding, recruiting and training ISIS and Taliban fighters from their bases in Pakistan. Even Osama Bin Laden had been living in the shadow of a Pakistani military base, just a stone’s throw away.

Trump announced a regulated withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 2021 and warned Taliban leadership what would happen if they continued attacking and killing US military forces.

Biden extended the deadline of withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan until August 31, 2021, but did not begin extracting US equipment or personnel (embassy, military or civilian employees) until it was too late and impossible to get accomplished. From 8 – 30 August 2021 almost 100,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan into the US and other nations. Of the more than 14,000 American citizens and thousands of Afghan civilians working for the US, less than 10,000 were evacuated out. Many were abandoned and left to fend for themselves, at the mercy of the Taliban. American citizens, missionaries and US students on a class trip to Afghanistan ARE STILL THERE!

So what’s the plan J.B.?

We watched as the last evacuation flight left Kabul, the Taliban began going through the $M arsenal of weapons of war, equipment, vehicles, aircraft and more left to the Taliban.

Biden defense officials, experts in their chosen field of warfare declared to the world the US has no capability of getting our people out of Afghanistan. Biden’s CIA director went to meet with Taliban leadership armed with a plea to let our people go and a detailed database list of who those people are, where they live and what they did working for the US government.

Explosions in Kabul on August 26th 2021 killed 13 American service members and an untold number of civilians outside a Kabul hotel used by US personnel during the evacuation phase.

We were shown pictures of the massive stockpile of equipment on nearby Bagram AFB which was disserted early on. It would have provided a secure base to launch evacuation flights.

Why wasn’t it used?

Next we hear of Taliban going door to door (they have the list) to root out those American sympathizers and US citizens left behind not to prepare them for evacuation but for torture and extermination.

So what’s the plan J.B.?

Watching the vehicles being moved across the border into Iran has to have been anticipated, right? Maybe we’re not being told that every vehicle, every missile, bomb, aircraft and artillery weapon has been fitted with GPS tracking devices so that we can see exactly where they are being deployed to or used from in future operational exercises? That has to be it right?

Just see the look on the faces of the Iranian military leadership when they take their American plunder into the deepest, darkest parts of the kingdom and some over anxious techie decides to see “what does this button do” and blows up their entire military infrastructure.

Is that the plan J.B.?

Maybe the equipment making the trek through the Khyber Pass and into Pakistan for disassembly and transport to mainline China will suffer the same fate? After all the Taliban has struck up a deal with China and surely they want some of the bounty for reverse engineering?

What I don’t understand are the rumors that Congress wants to continue funding Afghanistan as if the Taliban had not already overthrown the legitimate Afghan government. That just doesn’t make sense.

What does make sense is that Biden is a senator, playing a president, acting like a senator and taking orders from……..who knows?

As a parting thought, are J.B.’s frequent trips to Delaware because someone really did change his basement into the Remote Oval Office and he can lay down and nap any time he wants without anyone interrupting his quiet time. Does it have a Red Phone, or is that even a real thing anymore? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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