Makes My Blood Boil


Makes My Blood Boil

When I look at the Afghanistan debacle, I see openly what the CIA, DOD and DOS have been doing covertly for many years working hand-in-glove effecting regime change in third world countries around the world. These are combined assets of US intelligence service, covert US military units and state who go “over the fence” to instigate uprisings or coupes in order to bring down dictators and world leaders who are deemed threats to US interests and/or freedom. The US 2020 Presidential Election is an example of election interference with the goal of regime change, and it occurred on US soil with full participation of government, corporate America and American citizens. The perpetrators have yet to be identified or prosecuted.

What we see happening in Afghanistan is merely the visualization of the process where the Afghan president fled in exile as the Biden armed, equipped and installed the Taliban, overthrowing the government as we watched in real time. The misguided efforts of the Biden administration not only moved thousands of people under the guise of “refugees” status, but prioritizing and ultimately left American citizens and (SIV) Afghan’s, a most heart wrenching episode that should have never happened.

We have since learned that a number of Americans and veterans raised resources and self-mobilized becoming extremely successful in bringing many of our people home, with sanctioning of the US State Department.  My hat is off to those brave men and women who stepped up to the plate with experience and the necessary skills needed to get the job done.

It would seem that the Biden administration wants us to just get over Afghanistan like its water under the bridge. Well like water under the bridge it must go somewhere, right?

Remember when then VP Joe Biden told then Afghan President Karzai, “We don’t care about Afghanistan”?  It was another of his gaffs that is coming back to bite him. Those very words have become an embarrassment to the Biden administration and to our nation.

What many are unaware of was that retired Marine Eric Montalvo privately chartered evacuation flights in Afghanistan for 1,000 Afghans with Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) and 142 Americans, but made to hide from the Taliban while waiting for more than a week because Biden officials did not tell Taliban leaders they had approved the departures. All the while a State Department official would not grant clearance for these flights to land in the US or at ANY DOD base worldwide, or any nearby third countries.

Let that sink in.

At the same time both Biden administration officials and the WH press secretary claimed publicly that any communication about the US not doing everything in its power to bring US citizens home were untrue.

A newly release press release has the State department taking credit for bringing 4 or 5 Americans home when in fact it was privately chartered flights previously held back by the State department.

We would never have known were it not for State department emails to Montalvo hampering

his Privately Funded Evacuation Flights and rescue efforts. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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