A Disaster Waiting to Happen


A Disaster Waiting to Happen

The title of this post completely explains the Biden “Build Back Better” policy which I refer to it as the 4Bs. Every time the Biden administration collectively or individually opens their mouths America should really pay attention. That’s’ hard for me to do since I no longer watch main stream media.

Recently VP Harris said their administration is fighting for parents. I just don’t remember what she was fighting for parents for what exactly? Is fighting against anti-abortion laws like they promise to do in Texas? So they want parents (pregnant moms) to have the right to kill their baby in the womb? That says more about the administration than anyone else could say.

Harris is not happy with the new Texas voting law which she says restricts people of color from being able to vote. Does she think people are that dense? The only thing restricted is the ability to commit voter fraud or election fraud due to voter ID requirements, as a former prosecutor she should at least know that?

Or are they fighting for illegal alien parent rights to come into our country without any documentation?

Oh they must be fighting for the rights of illegal alien parents to send their kids to school, receive medical care and/or financial aid while ignoring the thousands of homeless American parents living in tents or shelters on public streets, vacant fields or in vacant houses, just trying to survive.

Or it could be the Afghan “refugees” parents who need to settle down somewhere in the US and the government needs taxpayer dollars to give to these unfortunate migrants who left everything to come here, right?

Oh yes it could be fighting for parents of children over 12 who must get the jab, not because they’re sick or going to catch something but because it’s the right thing to do to keep us safe?

There are so many things parents need the government to fight and do for them that our bloated government just isn’t big enough to do, so we must increase the size of government and spend more and more of those tax dollars.

Besides why do rich people need all that money anyway? They deserve to give it to the needy and who could be needier than the federal government bureaucracy, right?

I haven’t even touched other ways the Biden administration is fighting for Americans – well I guess it hard because they aren’t fighting for us at all, they are just fighting us until we submit full control.

We the willing are led by the unknowing into the unknown for how long we do not know. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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