Presidents In My Lifetime


Presidents In My Lifetime

These are the Presidents of the United States during my lifetime, six during my military years (1968 – 1990) and five in the years after leaving the military.

Harry S. Truman 1945 – 1953

Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953 – 1961

John F. Kennedy 1961 – 1963

Lyndon B. Johnson 1963 – 1969

Richard M. Nixon 1969 – 1974

Gerald Ford 1974 – 1977

Jimmy Carter 1977 – 1981

Ronald Reagan 1981 – 1989

George H. W. Bush 1969 – 1993

William J. Clinton 1993 – 2001

George W. Bush 2001 – 2009

Barack H. Obama 2009 – 2017

Donald J. Trump 2017 – 2021

Joseph R. Biden Jr. 2021 – Present

I have never been politically active until after retiring from the military. What I have witnessed and continue to witness cause me to go back and reevaluate what I thought I knew about these leaders of the free world.

My first wakeup call was the defeat of GHW Bush and the election of WJ Clinton in the 1992 election. I was so sure that Bush would win that I suffered a real letdown when it was called for Clinton. I couldn’t understand how the God I had come to know would let it happen.

I watched as terrorists attacked the USS Cole and US embassies and facilities around the world without so much as a by-your-leave from Clinton. I learned that Clinton was the only certified draft dodger (pardoned by Ford) to be elected President. Then there was the red dress incident. I clearly couldn’t understand why, but I figured that America wanted what we wanted so God let us have it.

And then when the 2000 “hanging chad” election was called for GW Bush amid all the rumors. But when 9-11 happened I saw a side of Bush that made me proud to be an American. He took command of the situation and took decisive action officially beginning the war on terror. If you were not for us, you were against us. I even wrote a letter to GW Bush telling him that God had him where he was for such a day as this (I sure wish I had kept a copy).

I was at a tire service center when a news brief came on about Bush and this is the very first time I heard an active duty sergeant being disrespectful toward the President, obviously angry about the soldiers who were killed during this war on terror. I had always been told to be respectful of authority and especially the President.

During the 2008 election, term limits kept Bush from running for a 3rd term, so I voted for McCain, but not so much for him but his running mate Governor Sarah Palin, who the media kept comparing her to Obama.

Secretly I hoped the GOP would nominate her and McCain for VP.

The election was called for Obama as America wanted once again what they wanted, a young black politician who would put minorities on an even footing. What we got was anything but that and the Democratic steamrolling of America had begun. I wrote to Obama letting him know some concerns I had and how he alone could alleviate them. I still have his response which didn’t address anything I had written about.

Fanny Mae, Freddie Mack, Affordable Care Act, Acorn just to name a few and then the debacle of Benghazi 9-11-2012 where requests for assistance were denied and/or ignored. I watched as the only response was “it began with a video” and that man was arrested, even while the battle raged in Libya. But the takedown and killing of Bin Laden was televised to the National Security Counsel who watched in horror and anticipation. Why wasn’t the live feed from Benghazi given the same priority? Obama, Biden, Clinton MIA when it mattered most. I was sure the election of 2012 would bring about a change and my vote was for Romney. Once again I was surprised when Obama won that election.

The election of 2016 had the same tired political names, some newcomers CEOs and such, but the DNC favorite was Hillary Clinton. In 2008 her chance was taken away, but now it was her time and she knew it. It was Clinton vs Trump and he wasn’t even a politician, but when the dust settled the election was called for Trump and American went into shock.

On 1-20-2017 the Insurrection began in an attempt to prevent Trump from being successful as president. From the beginning it was Russia, Russia, Russia, the Mueller Special Investigation lasted what seemed a lifetime but acquitted Trump.

I have written Trump 2 or 3 letters and received actual responses to what I had written about. I probably didn’t change his method of operation or actions as President, but I was satisfied with getting an answer when I wrote.

Trump’s Ukrainian phone call was grounds for Impeachment said Pelosi, but the acquittal wasn’t acceptable for here. Something drastic had to be done to insure Trump would not win re-election. Pelosi even said during a televised interview that he would not be president in 2021, one way or another. Do you thing anyone was paying attention? I was, but with all the insider activities, after dark shifting of ballots more had to be done because Trump was contesting the election results. It was determined that the fix was in and 1-6-2021 when the electoral ballots were to be counted and certified a last minute hail-Mary was launched to coincide with Trumps MAGA rally not far from the Capital.

Calling it an insurrection or a coup was a stretch. By definition a coup or an insurrection is to remove the head of government, in this case the President, which was Trump. How could he coup himself and do so without weapons or violence? Antifa was the answer and were seen being escorted into the Capital as MAGA people began arriving from the rally.

The media blitz over the air waves and the internet sealed the deal and immediately Pelosi launched Impeachment 2.0 and set about removing Trump from office just 2 weeks before his term would expire. The impeachment lasted after Trump left office and he was acquitted once again. The coup wasn’t over yet as Pelosi attempted to strip him of benefits of a former president and prevent any president who has been impeached from running for any political office again. That was a flop too.

What I see are akin to the stars aligning in a way as to reveal these political figures in a way I never considered before. I learned that McCain although a Vietnam POW and war hero was not so much as a politician. He became set in his ways and was thoroughly politicized up until his death. Romney may have been a decent governor, but shortly after losing his bid for the President, he was elected as a senator in a whole different state. As a senator I saw a side of him as a RINO where he continually went against his party cohorts causing a number of favorable bills to fail.

I saw that President Trump was forbidden to attend McCain’s funeral, GHW Bushes funeral, and Rep. John Lewis’ funeral as if it was the thing to do. I watched as every living former president all congregated together but the sitting President was forbidden to attend. Such dorks. Trump Derangement Syndrome is still alive, even today. During the 9-11-2021 ceremony in New York City, President Biden and all the living former presidents and first ladies who were able to attend were there, except Trump. It turns out Trump was in New York city visiting police and firefighters, shaking hands, doing photo ops and being well received. Not so much with the Biden VIP presidential group.

I have a book on the Illuminati and somewhere I remember reading about presidents and former presidents who are members. I saw Bushes, Clinton and others but I didn’t see Trump’s name in the book at all.

In case you haven’t been following my blog posts, I have written well over 900 thus far, dating back to 2017 documenting the events of the Trump presidency and national crises as they happened.

I don’t claim to have all or any of the answers, but I have God-given common sense to recognize when things just don’t make sense. I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Presidents In My Lifetime

  1. I’ve had the same presidents as you. I guess what bothers me the most is that Biden and Obama are very vindictive as well as Hillary and never accepted Trump as the president; therefore, why they don’t invite him to join in on former presidential functions. I think they are jealous of his accomplishments so they act like mean girls in high school. This alone bothers me. I don’t even trust Bush now for allowing it. I think I’ll write my next blog on this subject.


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