The Failed Presidency of Joe Biden


The Failed Presidency of Joe Biden

To date the highlight of the Biden presidency is his 9/10-2021 proclamation of vaccine mandates for thee and not for me (or my clan). By clan I mean the extended Biden Crime Cartel that includes members of Congress, social media heads and ill-informed Biden voters (both dead and alive).

Biden sees his major accomplishment as erasing Trump (policies and loyalists) from the annals of government. Stopping the oil pipeline, the wall and flooding our nation with illegal and undocumented migrant men, women and children amounts to an assault on our nation’s sovereignty.

The manner of Biden’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan sent messages to world leaders and our enemies alike who consider him a weak president, easy to be manipulated, all huff and no puff.

Biden caused this flood of migrants which imported of unvetted and unchecked Afghan “refugees” (fighting age males, child brides and who knows) while he left an untold number of America citizens and US allies behind. The Biden administration has fought hard to prevent private citizens from evacuating Americans or US allies.

We were told of a drone strike on an unnamed ISIS-K individual, that turned out not to be the case. The individual(s) killed were a US Ally and women and children. There was no apology or remorse for this hasty and unnecessary action.

On the home front illegals, refugees and who knows what are not medically checked to identify virus infected or carriers. They are exempt from the latest vaccine mandate, and are allowed free reign without accountability.

On this Patriots Day we remember the events of 9-11-2001 in New York City & 9-11-2012 in Benghazi, Libya, but are extremely cautious of the potential for similar attacks across our nation as more than 95,000 Southwest Asian immigrant “refugees” roam free, while Americans are shadow banned and shamed into wearing cloth face masks that do nothing to stop the virus spread or mandated to get the jab or face job loss and worse. The US economy is in the tank and getting worse. American’s are receiving massive amounts of money without working, while small businesses have closed due to the virus and/or lack of applicants looking for work.

Biden and his Democratic colleagues think that throwing money will solve every problem. The fact they don’t throw their own money is a problem unto itself. I fear that Biden’s track record as a US Senator and as Obama’s Vice President has been eclipsed by the disaster of his presidency that has only just begun.

Biden might have been a tough cookie in his heyday, but that was then and we are not there anymore. Why did we not see headlines like “Senator Joe Biden solves the immigration crisis” or “Vice President Biden has brought peace to the world”?

America is wondering where are President Biden’s handlers? I wouldn’t be surprised if Speaker Pelosi had equipped the White House residence with one of her famous ice cream freezers (at taxpayer expense of course). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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