The Capital Riot Hoax


The Capital Riot Hoax

I have to hand it to them unless it’s Donald Trump asking if they need help the Temple of Democracy is showing they can handle anything that comes their way. The fence is up, National Guard on standby as a backup for the Capital Police and before the end of today the barricaded Capital Building will become an impregnatable fortress again. The only thing missing is a credible threat.

It’s floating around on social media that MAGA people will converge on the Nation’s Capital on September 18th, 2021 protesting the political hostages of January 6th, many of whom are being held in solitary-like confinement without being charged since the insurrection.

Back to the impending Insurrection 2.0 where the liberal left has swung into overdrive to curb those pesky Trumpers so they don’t interfere with the United States Congress in the performance of their official duties like last time.

If I remember right President Trump announced a rally in D.C. on January 6th to urge voters to watch the counting and certifying of EC ballots. Marchers walked for 45 minutes down to the Capital Building just in time to witness Antifa-like individuals grabbing Trump and MAGA gear as they were let into the Capital by Capital Police officers. When challenged by real MAGA folks, the rowdy bunch simply cussed them out and continued inside.

Since I and others have heard nothing from Trump or what a rally would accomplish I have to wonder if some ultra-smart leftist thought the whiff of another insurrection-like event would sort of take America’s mind off the Biden immigration fiasco or the mandatory vaccination debacle or even the failed Afghanistan withdrawal or more closer to home the treasonous acts of General Milley.

It really does seem like Biden’s Build Back Better slogan is nothing but a slogan. Speaker Pelosi says President Biden is perfect since he knows foreign policy. I’d venture to say Biden hardly knows that he’s president most of the time and his policies both foreign and domestic will cause the ultimate collapse of the US economy unless an unforeseen miracle occurs like yesterday. And more importantly Joe Biden has never, ever been perfect for any occasion or political office.

Name one thing that Biden has accomplished during his 37 years in Congress, 8 years as Vice President or 9 months as President? Has he cured world peace; cancer; stopped the virus; or gotten the US out of a major war without surrendering? Elections have consequences! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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