The Political Life of Joseph R Biden Jr


The Political Life of Joseph R Biden Jr

I think I’ve figured it out. Unlike a book titled “Everything you need to know about Women” that is basically a front and back cover with a blank page inside.

But if someone was going to write a book on President Biden who better to write the book than a famous actor, author, comedian, film producer, director and screenwriter 95-year old Mel Brooks who could then go on to write a screenplay and a movie titled “Build Back Better – The Joe Biden Story” in like with Blazing Saddles, The History of the World Part 1 and so many others.

Remember the “Life is like a box of chocolates” from Forest Gump? Well in the world of Joe Biden, life is a treasure trove of gaffs, bumps and of course stumbles up a flight of stairs on AF One.

Unlike Joe Biden who has no prior military history, Mel Brooks was an Army Corporal during WWII and I’m sure he experienced a number of events and presidential firsts during his years in Hollywood.

Starting with Biden’s political life after a failed business venture where heading up a corporate law firm just didn’t bring home the bacon so he went into politics. It’s a well-known proven fact that politics is where the pork is and greasing the skids there’s always enough to go around.

The political chapter in Congress is quite lengthy but without any significant accomplishments to speak of. Biden had a number of personal tragedies and heartaches as well as disappointing failures at running for President. Biden was known as being outspoken and cantankerous, willing to brawl at the drop of a hat.

The rise to the Vice Presidency was an accomplishment he should have been proud of. After all he was Barack Obama’s number two, right-hand man, given a number of foreign policy assignments that put him on the world stage. It would have been the best jumping off point for anyone’s political career – going out on top.

However the taste of the presidency was going to be his last chance to become the leader of the free world and place his mark upon foreign policy and the world. It seemed that his standing among fellow democrats placed him near the bottom of the political pile and his crossing the finish line was all but impossible until his party handlers pulled out all stops. Nothing was off the table when it came to running for the White House and in the end Biden got both the party nomination and the presidency against a political rival that had been demonized  his entire presidency.

Like cream rising to the top, steam vapors and the smell of ……. well aromas in the air the “trust me I’m from the government” sales pitch of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better is completely opposite of what we see. Unchecked migration, increasing virus mandates, weakening of the military defense posture, alienating of our allies, enabling of our enemies, abandoning of US civilians in Afghanistan, a sinking economy and the virtual destroying of the nation are all trademarks of the Biden administration.

At least with a Mel Brooks book one can close the book or with a movie just turn it off. Not so in real life as the national security of our nation has been seriously compromised and the progressive liberal Congress is complicit or actively participants in its destruction. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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