Justice For January 6th Readiness Exercise


Justice for January 6th Readiness Exercise

For a number of years I volunteered for my county’s Citizens Emergency Response Team, then as an IT volunteer for the county sheriff’s office. Clearly I Back the Blue; love my country; support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic; and I am not alone.

What many on the left do not understand about MAGA supporters. We are openly unafraid to stand together when the cause is freedom or involved our rights guaranteed under the Constitution. We will line the streets, convoy boats, sailing craft, cars, and golf carts or walk literally for miles to show our support for the 45th President of the United States, but very few politicians soliciting GOP voters. We do not self-activate or respond when an anonymous call goes out arbitrarily announcing what amounts to a flash-mob or a rally.

Based on my prior military training and knowledge, and being aware of LEO training it seems appropriate to conduct a realistic active shooter scenario at a prominent facility or government property. It is also appropriate that the media be invited to film the entire exercise so as to document the preparedness of LEOs from a host of differing agencies.

This exercise was dreamed up in some high level command center and mapped out what agencies would be involved, what areas they would cover and how they would conduct massive crowd control thereby preventing a repeat of the atrocious insurrection of January 6th. The men and women who remain in custody without charges mind you would be the perfect “bait”.

Everyone knows how Trump supporters are the perfect patsy’s because they view their cause as noble and brave.

At the end of the day when reality set in there were but a few “protesters”, lots of media field reporters, cameras and a whole lot of both plainclothes undercover and uniformed SWAT units near the US Capital building which was completely enclosed with fencing to protect what Speaker Pelosi calls the “Temple of Democracy”. It’s too bad that on the real January 6th LEO commands were totally unprepared, unwilling or ordered not to respond, until it was too late.

Also too bad is that President Biden was flown out of the White House to Delaware, Speaker Pelosi and who knows how many other legislators were on a “fact finding” mission to Great Brittan. I’m sure the facts that Pelosi discovered were clearly expressed to her party by British loyalists who told her “Trump Won – Go Home”.

We must not forget the more than 14,000 illegal invaders amassing near Del Rio, Texas where more than 200,000 have crossed over into the US during the month of August at the expressed request of President Biden and his administration in violation of current US Immigration Laws.

Also the more than 95,000 Afghan evacuees who have been airlifted into American states, towns and cities and/or displacing US military personnel in troop billets on select military bases.  

I’m sure this “readiness exercise” was to take our eyes and focus off the immigration crisis and the fact that more than 100 Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan while the US government leaders are on vacation of fantasy tours overseas.

I saw one video where an older gentleman dressed over the top in patriotic “gear” making him appear to be a MAGA supporter was facing down an entire SWAT team. Another video showed police escorting a very upset gentleman to a much calmer place nearby. Other than that most of the video footage and still shots are of LEOs in various stages of “uniform”, like high school kids on spring break.

Let me say this to the leadership of various DOJ bureaus, agencies and departments – why not conduct real world security training where it is needed most – ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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