Let There Be No Illusion


Let There Be No Illusion

It was Barack Obama during his presidency that once said if you want it hosed (my word) give it to Joe B. I wondered why Biden spent so much time out of the country, “visiting” places like the ice cream shop in Beijing, China. We never saw him except during the live feed in the White House “war room” with the National Security Team watching as Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

Then the Biden video surfaced where he bragged about strong arming Ukraine over firing a prosecutor who was investigating a Ukrainian company his son Hunter was on the board.

Most memorable were the 2019 Democratic National Convention debates between all the presidential wannabees who thought they had a chance to unseat Trump with Biden and Harris rating at or near the bottom of the pile. So naturally after some sleight of hand, and after the smoke and mirrors cleared up the very best the Democrats had to offer America was the team of Biden/Harris.

Remember the earpiece and microphone so clumsily “hidden” inside Biden’s sleeve and in his ear? It was obvious that someone was telling him what to say. We always thought it was Hillary because that was her modus operandi during the 2016 debates with Trump. She had the questions and answers, while Trump had to wing it without advance notification.

Fast forward to the days after the Biden inauguration and sleepy Joe went to work faster than a train wreck reversing all of Trumps agenda of making America great again. He cancelled the wall, the pipeline, extended the C19 agenda of masks and vaccines, and then proceeded to hastily withdraw US troops from Afghanistan at the expense of American citizens and others still stuck, while hiding from the Taliban almost 30 days later.

What America sees more often than not is the backside of Joe Biden as he moves almost faster than ever headed to Marine One for the ride to his Delaware basement bunker. It has been obvious from the start that someone has been pulling Biden’s strings, making his decisions and even Kamala Harris has been kept out of the loop most of the time. Her job was to keep a lid on the border invasion, then her round the world tour wooing heads of state and impressing them with her knowledge of world affairs.

In a very recent press conference Speaker Pelosi had a Freudian Slip when she said keeping the government open and moving Obama’s agenda was their priority. It was short, but clear that the one on the other end of Biden’s earpiece has been none other than Barack Obama, leaving Joe as the fall guy when things go wrong. Wouldn’t you know it, EVERYTHING HAS GONE WRONG!

If there was any doubt what Obama’s third term would have looked like, take a look back at the past 9 months. The invasion coupled with the evacuation is hastening the impending economic fall of our nation. Using C19 as a bullying tool, emergency workers are non-essential and the military is being purposefully weakened. For the first time in history America has capitulated to mere Afghan goat herders and “freedom fighters”, while the president’s top military advisor gets his cues from China and Russia.

As America is in a state of confusion and disbelief the insurrection and coup that began on 1-20-2017 are preparing to hand over title to the United States of America to the highest bidder and the lowest scum on the face of the earth.

What Obama planned from day one of his community organizing days in Chicago is the fall of the nation at any cost. He has successfully played the Saul Alinsky trump card where by Americans will have defeated themselves without any outside help.

However, outside help is readily available, waiting for the call. Woke = Broke! Are we there yet? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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