The Dregs Have Become the Unvaccinated

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The Dregs Have Become the Unvaccinated

In the Joe Biden world of wonder those of us who were called the Dregs of Society, the Basket full of Deplorable and Dog Faced Pony Soldiers have now become the pandemic spreading Unvaccinated but it was Trump who divided America.

Let me take you down this rabbit hole. Let’s say you are vaccinated and require medical treatment, what is your priority? Do you check the medical staff (receptionist, nursing assistants, nurses, or doctors) to insure they are properly vaccinated?  If they are not, do you refuse treatment or go someplace else? What if you’re suffering a heart attack? Okay what about your loved ones who are pre-vaccinated? Do you move out of your house because you are and they are not? Or do they move out? Or do you just go ahead and disown them all together?

What about the community in which you live? Do you submit to the proprietor’s demands to produce a Vaccine Passport or proof of vaccination in order to purchase milk, bread and necessities? What about each store employee produces to YOUR satisfaction their proof of vaccination? Or you go elsewhere?

What happens when a vacuum is created in the community? EMT and Medical professionals are fired or quit? Law Enforcement Officers are fired or quit? Fire Department – fired or quit?  Who begins minding the proverbial store – so to speak? Let’s say that both state and federal officials continue to push for mandatory vaccination and state by state, county by county, city by city, community by community they all shut down? Will sickness, injuries or accidents cease? Will robbery and murder also cease? Will fires cease? Will our state and federal military cease to be a deterrent or shut down as well?

So you’ll just pick up and move…… that will change anything.

Truck drivers will park their rigs. Airlines will ground their planes. Buses and trains will cease to operate. Taxis and Ubers will no longer operate. Stores will close. Towns will roll up their sidewalks.

Crime will cease to be a problem! Bad guys will run out of bullets!

Enemy nations will become our friends because they will feel sorry for us!

Without hope – EVERYONE DIES!

Is that really the kind of world you choose to live in?

Have you not heard that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?

Do you think single handedly you can catch a greasy pig?

If you’re a politician who has been bitten by the control bug, and nothing else matters you will be in for a huge awakening. Our nation was founded by people feeling the desperation of taxation without representation. Remember the Boston Tea Party do you know why they sent out no invitations or why you were not invited?

The state of our nation is grim. When government takes it upon themselves to bully its citizens, to usher in an invasion force of unlawful and illegal aliens and provide them with taxpayer funded subsistence and preference it is time to replace said government.

This entire “government induced pandemic” is wrong for America. Pushing our citizens off a proverbial cliff is more than wrong. Do you not know what happens when you poke a bear? Go ahead and try it!

It is obvious that today’s politicians have learned nothing from the history of this country. Is it because they have been busy trying to change it? Those who learn not from history are doomed to repeat it.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have abandoned all common sense in their thirst for power. They have corrupted even more the corruptible members of government. Calls for impeachment have gone unheard, yet there are no calls for removing and impeaching congressional party leadership – why not?

The hope for America is in God alone. Trust and Obey in God for there’s no other way so the song says. We serve neither man nor government, but GOD ALONE! Pray for wisdom, strength and the peace of God as we pray for deliverance from this madness overtaking America.

When God sent a man to fight political correctness, we saw firsthand how that PC fought back, tooth and nail and America stayed silent! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “The Dregs Have Become the Unvaccinated

  1. Old Lester on NBC keeps pushing the narrative, punich our workers, but we let 30 k Haitians and a million Mexicans into our country with no vax, no nothing. Hypocricy at it’s finest. Good post


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