Why Didn’t Trump Just Declare Martial Law?


Why Didn’t Trump Just Declare Martial Law?

It boggles my mind how the democratic mind operates without thinking. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others have gone on and on for the past 5 years about how President Trump was unfit to be president, had no political experience and was responsible for dividing the nation. From day one the threat of Impeachment was held over his head as they sought the “perfect” time to spring their diabolical plan. A plan so “perfect” they used it twice during his presidency, giving Trump the distinction of having been the only president to be impeached twice.

Some accused Trump of being a racist, who hated immigrants and was only interested in himself. Some veterans said Trump would never have made it in the military. Others said Trump had no honor and listened to nobody because he thought he was smarter than the generals.

One of their biggest gripes was that Trump golfed too much (he even had a putting green in the White House).

For those doubting Thomas’ I say you just don’t know jack spit about Trump.

After the events of January 6th we were told that Trump incited an insurrection to prevent the confirmation of Joe Biden as president-elect. He riled up his MAGA crowd and they rushed down to the Capital Building in masse with the goal of getting to and causing harm to the members of Congress and the Vice President.

For those who believed that story I ask why would anyone “storm” the Capital Building when the 45 minute walk would have drained the fire out of even the angriest of protestors and to do so without weapons or a clear intent to harm anyone? Why was the only person killed USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt who’s only “crime” was climbing through a broken window without so much as a walking stick? Why was the police officer who killed her hailed as a hero by Congressional Democrats, but remained unnamed for 8 months afterwards and no charges were filed against him?

If President Trump wanted to stop the certification of Electoral College votes on January 6th, why didn’t he just proclaim Martial Law, and then instruct the 82nd Airborne Division to “secure” the Nation’s Capital and then charge Congressional Democrats, certain Cabinet Officials, select DNI and DOJ agencies with the insurrection that began on January 20, 2017?

Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster. When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws.

Martial Law would have given President Trump an opportunity to dissolve Congress, suspend the Constitution and place a continuation of his presidency while he established a military tribunal to try the accused conspirators, rendered verdicts and implementation of sentences of execution on the guilty parties.

So why didn’t he?

In as much as he was mistreated by Congress, in the press and on social media Trump would have had every right to defend his good name and reputation, that of his family and of his family business.

Failing to do that, why has Trump continued to say the General Election of 2020 was rigged? Why hasn’t he given up, settled down in Mar Largo and spent his remaining days on the golf course?

Like I said earlier, you don’t know jack about Trump.

From his younger days he liked to fight, not just to cause trouble but to defend the underdog. It was his feisty demeanor that led his dad Fred Trump to send him away to Military School where he spent 5 years learning, playing baseball, boxing and learning discipline.

In business Trump fought to further his business ideas and ventures in order to make money. However Trump was known to stop his car in downtown New York City where he got out held a mugger at bay until police arrived, and then got back in his car and leave.

Trump has business dealings around the world and even married an immigrant (Melania Trump) who was our First Lady for 4 years and was never in the headlines or placed on the cover of national magazines because her last name was Trump.

As president it was Trump who permanently funded HBCUs and began a second chance program for minority prisoners who were convicted of minor crimes, by giving them a second chance at a normal life after prison.

Now why didn’t Trump declare Martial Law or make an Executive Order to force something to happen on the election fraud charges? Why is he still adamant about the results of the election? Why doesn’t he just quit?

You just don’t know Trump.

In order to fix a problem so great as election fraud it takes a great deal of time to gather enough facts to secure a conviction in a court of law. There should have been a full audit of the more than 3000 counties throughout the country – all election machines, ballots, paper ballots, electronic ballots, documents, registers, databases and everything associated with the voting process. If done properly there would have been 50 state audits with results for 50 state Attorney General’s, with recommendations to certify or decertify the 2020 election results in each state. Instead there were hundreds of legal actions begun to prevent or hinder statewide audits. Identification of problem areas must be complete and completed prior to actually fixing problems and that means step by step actions.

What we are going through in this country is precisely why those steps are important. Wrong doing must be flushed out and wrong doers must be held accountable and punished.

Unfortunately that takes time and the losses that America is encountering may in fact be irreversible.

One thing I know and have learned about Donald Trump, his love of this country and his unwavering fighting spirit is greater than that of the 535 members of Congress who have spent much of the past 5 years attempting to pin shame on President Donald Trump.

They have maligned the vast majority of America without success. Their resorting to badgering and bullying America from the podium will only succeed in driving businesses away.

My only hope is that once we get past this C19 craze, America will come back stronger and without the death grip of the Democratic Party. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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