In A World Turned Upside Down

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In A World Turned Upside Down

It seems appropriate on this October 1st that I take a look at the world we live in and assess some of the many changes that have taken place since the emergence of the China Virus and the woke political establishments of not only our country but that of some of our greatest allies.

One of the strangest has been the changes going on in Australia today, even as I write this. From the beginning as a penal colony of Great Brittan the island has seemed to go in a complete circle as forced masking and vaccinations have turned the government against its citizens, only with a vengeance. There are police and protestors regularly coming together in the streets with beatings we’ve only seen in places like……China or North Korea and Cuba or Venezuela where communism rules.

In our country we have collectively elected (by hook or crook) one of the most irresponsible democrats in the entire party to the Executive Branch of government, while having some of the most crooked democratic political leaders in both the House and the Senate, making it a trifecta of stupidity.

The Constitution is the rule of law in our country and Congress creates those laws, while the President signs and makes them official, but what we are seeing are political demigods totally ignoring the rule of law which they have collectively over time written. Don’t they see the irony in this?

If a law is broken or doesn’t work, fix it!

Since the China Virus arrived on the scene in early 2020, the entire eco system of our country has changed. Good is called bad and bad is even worse. It’s come to the point where people are running around trying to catch wild pigs.

We’ve gone from “stay home, self-isolate and in 15 days to flatten the curve” to the point that “everyone WILL get the double jab and a booster” and “a daily pill seems promising” even though none of this is scientifically proven to be effective.

What happened to good old common sense? If you feel sick, put on a mask and go see a doctor. Otherwise stay away from sick people until they are no longer sick.

Over the past 2 years we have held our medical professionals as heroes for standing in the gap during the worst health scare crisis in my lifetime. Then overnight we tell them they must get the jab or lose their jobs, their careers and their very basic means of providing for their families.

All of our first responders are being faced with the same alternative – jab or be gone.

Corporate America is being blackmailed by our government, everyone gets the jab or you will be fined $700,000 per unvaxxed employee. Hospitals are closing. Law Enforcement Agencies are losing officers at an alarming rate. Government employees are mandated to get the jab. Even our military have been given a deadline to get the jab or get out.

Not so strange is the fact that hundreds and thousands of undocumented and unvaccinated foreign invaders are brought into this country by the very same politicians without any such mandate or restrictions. All the illnesses that are present in third world countries around the world are being re-introduced here in the US decades after being eradicated and these political hacks are unconcerned.

The fate of our nation hangs in the balance.

When government goes out of control, much like a loose cannon it must be brought back into control and in our country it is by electing new officials. A government unresponsive to the wishes of its citizens must be replaced and politicians who set themselves above the law must be brought down. Like Australia the United States has come full circle and after 250 years the only thing standing in the way of the abuses we see there is our Second Amendment right to own and bear arms.

Once we lose our law enforcement officers to political correctness our nation will become nothing more than the lawless society of our past. Once we lose our medical professionals we will become riddled with disease and a rotting society. Once we lose our identity as Americans we will become just another society that collapsed under the weight of our own pride and arrogance. When we lose our ability to defend ourselves we will be pounced upon by evil men and women. When our midterm elections come in 2022 we must decide if we’ve had enough or do we settle for more of the same old stuff?  

There is talk of the 25th Amendment to constitutionally remove Joe Biden from office and replace him with Kamala Harris. That opens up another can of worms in who would become her VP?

I look at what happened in New York when Cuomo was removed and replaced. What happened? Mandating the firing of first responders, the threat of using National Guard and foreign medical workers to replace them? Banning the fired from drawing unemployment while allowing the undocumented to draw full benefits which they are not entitled to?

I say again what happened to common sense? It is never a good idea to force someone to do something they don’t want to do especially when there are both known and unknown consequences that do not hold government accountable. Vaccinations should always remain a personal choice because the consequences are personal. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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