The Airplane at Julia Davis Park

Lee Hartman photo 1964


The Airplane at Julia Davis Park

In 1960 when dad injured his leg on the farm in Wilder, Idaho he was transported to the VA hospital in Boise. After his operation to remove the knee and fuse the leg he would remain in Boise for rehabilitation. We traded out farm for a house on Lindsey Lane on Boise’s south side so we would be close enough to visit dad regularly (but that’s a different story).

One Christmas we all got bicycles, and all were the same color. Mom and dad spent hours trying to assemble them on Christmas Eve and somewhere I have a picture of us standing with our bikes. There are many stories I could tell about us scrounging for beer and pop bottles we could recycle for a nickel each, but this is not one of those stories.

When we were not in school we’d find ourselves riding all around Boise. One place I liked to go was Julia Davis Park. There was a small zoo, a locomotive and at one point an airplane on display. Over the years I’d forgotten about the plane and every so often I’d wonder what kind it was, where it was now and what happened to it. A few years back I wrote to the Boise Parks Department, but got little to no information.

A few days ago I started wondering about that plane again. I thought it was a WWII B25 Mitchell bomber and I remembered riding to the park and shinnying up the pedestal and finding a way into the plane where I’d sit for maybe an hour or less, then climb down and take off riding my bike.

I began actively searching for information. I contacted a B25 group online and asked if they had any info of any B25s on static display in Boise? They had nothing in their research about any such plane. Then I got a reply from the Boise Parks Department about a plane in 1961 being donated to the park. There seemed to be a bit of controversy over it being a B26 or an A26. I was vandalized, removed and scrapped in 1972.

My research wasn’t over yet. I did something called a Google search and found this Warbird Registry website which contained a photograph by Lee Hartman of the plane at the park in 1964. It was indeed an A-26C Invader (GB-26C) Serial # 43-22606 Production # 18753 used in WWII by the Army Air Force.

I finally felt vindicated. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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