The Entertainer


The Entertainer

Life can be filled with challenges and sometimes we are faced with the unexpected or the most unlikely. It politics it is mostly the same old same ole with a different wrapper. It can be like watching your favorite television show and finding out your favorite star has been replaced by someone who just doesn’t fit the bill.

I used to watch “The West Wing” where President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet played by Martin Sheen was a most likeable president yet made some the best policy decisions ever made by a republican president – BUT he was a democrat. The acting was top notch and the script was pretty good. What I liked was how we got an inside look at the 1999 White House. Of the many shows and productions I felt that Martin Sheen did a pretty good job, although I liked his acting I couldn’t stand his personal politics and that used to give me all kinds of fits.  

Fast forward to June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump accompanied by his wife Melania ascended the escalator at Trump Tower to announce he was running for president. Up until that moment in time there was no trump mania, nobody outside of New York’s social circles knew or cared about him. If they dealt with him on a professional basis that had a healthy respect him or were out looking for a new line of work. Like many I had no feelings one way or the other, thinking it was just a political stunt to get people to tune in to The Apprentice so he could say “You’re fired!”

His flashy hairdo, debonair business attire, flashy toys, and his fabulous women did not fit the bill of anyone wanting to be presidential, or so I thought. During the GOP debates it wasn’t until the second one when we saw that aggressive “grab them by the throat” attack style that I was completely turned off to his style and at this point I knew absolutely nothing about him.

It was the debates between him and Hillary that were the most revealing. She had preview to the questions and acceptable answers and he did not. Her answers were prepared and his were off the cuff, more his style. What he lacked in prepared or scripted answers he made up by a seemingly unending supply of one liners or pet names that usually stuck while causing anger from the other side. His crooked Hillary was a good one. On the other hand she lashed out in frustration at Trump supporters by calling us a Basket of Deplorables. She had to reach deep inside to get that one. Trump’s popularity grew tremendously and by Election Day it was obvious that he had won.

What happened after Election Day is what surprised everyone. Hillary’s army of supporters went into a severe fit of depression. Everything about Trump depressed them even more and they used a diaper pin as their shield of protection. After that came the torrent of anger at losing to someone who wasn’t even a politician.

By the time of the Inauguration anger had morphed into a full blown rage and the tweets by the president-elect were causing mini-fits out of elected officials of both parties. Those who had their feelings hurt, or were sore at being picked on by Trump.

I don’t know what people expected? Trump was obviously no saint, nor was he a politician and with no military experience outside of military school how was he to become the nation’s Commander in Chief. More importantly he just wasn’t presidential and that is a must for a president, right?

As the media began their vendetta against Trump, his only weapon seemed to be his social media tweets on Twitter. It was during this time I decided to get on Twitter so I could see with my own eyes what he was tweeting, without some go-between telling me this is what the president meant.

The attacks on Trump became progressively more and more deadly. There were threats on his person, his presidency, his supporters and these were from elected officials – Members of Congress. They drummed up false charges, threatened impeachment continually and accused his campaign of conspiring with Russia to hurt Hillary’s run.

What the leftists do not know, nor understand is that we didn’t vote for Trump because of his good looks, his dapper attire or his vocabulary. We voted for Trump because he promised to build the wall, drain the swamp and make America great again. Initially we didn’t know there was a swamp, or a deep state, but we found out it’s much more of a tangled web that even the internet.

Trump began coming through with his promises. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He pulled no punches and of course his vocabulary would never cut it in church. Trump said a number of times he was a Christian, but nobody believed him because…..well maybe nobody else was either.

If you want to read my RTM blogs on Trump (there are many) might I suggest you go on over to my blogsite.

I find it interesting that God uses people that we mere humans overlook or consider insignificant or not likely up to the task. We look at the outside or what flows from their mouths and decide we like or don’t like them and that’s it. God looks at the heart and does things for HIS glory and according to his plan.

Long story short, God sent Trump in answer to our prayers as Christians. Collectively we rejected Trump. God used him to expose the extent of the swamp so we would see how corrupt our politics have become. We’re 10 months into what I call the post-Trump era and we see how fast a slide it is in this race to the bottom of the barrel.

At one time Trump is quoted to say that publicity is publicity, good or bad and if he doesn’t have to pay for it – he’ll take it. Right now people are asking is Trump running in 2024 and although he has hinted, he hasn’t committed himself. I think that is smart because having Trump as a motivator, indorsing likeminded political hopefuls and those seeking re-election is much more of a threat to liberal politicians with the chance that Trump will not run, than if he came right out and said it.

These liberal politicians will continue to dig their own graves as quickly as possible and at the expense of American voters, just in case Trump runs and wins and they can no longer get their way in Congress. They are so cocky about having gotten away with the greatest scam on America (the stolen election of 2020) and have no clue that the graves they dig are for themselves. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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