The Plan is Working

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The Plan Is Working

The president said both his Build Back Better plan and his Vaccination Mandate is working and I must ask how so? I see eliminating everything Trump was a great idea for Biden but in order to build back don’t you have to first tear down?

  • It first stopped the XL Pipeline and eliminated American jobs while making us totally dependent on foreign oil.
  • It then stopped construction on the wall, although $300+M in supplies already purchased under contract and stored on site have been allowed to sit in the sun while more than 600,000 undocumented migrants have been hand-carried through the US-Mexico Border, loaded on buses and transported to the American interior without monitoring or tracking.
  • It began with mandating all government vehicles must become electric by a certain date in the immediate future.
  • Then came everybody must continue to wear masks, inside, outside, in the air, under water or anywhere on a US government facility regardless of vaccination status.
  • Then vaccine passports and masking are required for international air or sea travel.
  • Next came mandating all government personnel military or civilian must become vaccinated unless qualifying for White House, Congress, vaccine manufacturing organizations, certain medical or religious exemption or become unemployed.
  • Employers who have unvaccinated employees will be fined by the government $7,000 per person for those not fired.
  • Undocumented illegal migrants are automatically exempt from masking, vaccinations, testing or monitoring.

The president also has said that the super-rich will pay their fair share in taxes, and the vice president said that corporations must begin paying their fair share. That being said do these political geniuses understand that small businesses are unable to meet customer demands, supply chains have begun drying up due to logistical snafu’s and soon there will be NO tax revenue being generated?

Corporations that supply national defense will no longer be able to meet contractual deadlines or pay penalties for a government inspired reduction in force, therefore generating no income stream which will result in NO tax revenue.

This raping of America over the coals of congressional and presidential malfeasance is causing catastrophic failure of an economy worse than any other in American history. To consider Biden policies a total success and working as planned one must assume that the tearing down of America’s infrastructure of goods and services, law enforcement and seriously weakening of national security and crippling America’s national defense is not arbitrary but deliberate much like a bull inside a china shop choosing to leave not through the open door, but through the wall. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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