The Proverbial Fox Guarding the Henhouse


The Proverbial Fox Guarding the Henhouse

I’m reminded of growing up in the farmlands of Southwestern Idaho in the 1950s and 1960s where we had a slew of farm animals, dogs and cats. Our family was known for raising prize winning porkers. Those were the days of working alongside seasonal workers in the fields picking fruits and veggies.

We had to watch out for were foxes. They were notorious for getting into the chicken coop after eggs and a chicken or two that didn’t get away fast enough. Often it necessitated shoring up the chicken coop with good old chicken wire and buttoning up the chickens inside the chicken coop at night and let the yard dog prowl at night.

After we moved to the big city the scenario changed but still stores were locked at night and those with high priced jewelry and high ticket items would hire security guards. Even junkyards had security, usually a couple of mean old dogs who’d tear you apart if they got hold of you trying to get in for some parts using the five-finger discount method.

Today everyone wants to make lots of money while doing as little work as possible. New fast food hires begin with mopping, sweeping and emptying trash while learning to flip burgers and fries all the while dreaming of being the boss where nobody gives them orders.

Those who make it through law school hang a shingle outside their office wall and begin looking for that one client in need. I call those lawyers by what they do chase ambulances.

Those who go into politics can be something else altogether. It’s hard to find an honest politician because the bad apples tend to spoil the whole barrel. When they make it to the big time in political circles something happens. Either they become disillusioned at how “business as usual” is done in D.C. circles and go back home or they become something of a rebel. They violate the first rule of congressional politics – “Don’t rock the boat”!

There are many who make a career out of congressional politics. I call them homesteaders. They carve out their territory and keep working to gain more influence and power. They stopped seeing themselves as public servants. They are like the fox hired to protect the chickens as they see themselves as a sort of “Robin Hood” taking from the rich and storing it up.

I like to think these lifetime politicians are more like security guards. They come on “duty” to protect American citizens and to defend the Constitution, yet the reality is they systematically turn off all security systems, unlock and open the doors wide while they invite and assist in emptying the store. If they were anything other than politicians, we’d be calling them what they really are – “Criminals”!

The Constitution has instituted what is called the Separation of Powers between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of government as a means of checks and balances of power to prevent one branch from unduly influencing any other. After more than 240 years we are at the point where the Legislative Branch IS unduly influencing the Executive Branch. Under the guise of C19 they are literally raping America in ways never before thought possible.

The Biden “bully pulpit” is seen as “The Buck Never Stops Here” and his Build Back Better policy of razzing the foundation of the nation one building block at a time as personal liberty and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution are no longer absolutes to be protected.

According to the Biden playbook “Fear” is the only absolute. Fear of death by C19 is seen as the worst possible outcome from a virus with a more than 99% rate of survival. Meanwhile in America providing a living for our families will soon be a thing of the past, unless one becomes a member of the ruling class or submits to their ridiculous demands. Fear is a powerful tool. Life without God is a dog eat dog world.

The constant in life is change and death is a natural part of life. Life does not end with death. What happens after death is determined by what you do now. The non-believer will spend eternity is a place where there is nothing good. The believer in Jesus as the Christ will spend eternity with God who alone is good. Choose you this day – Who will you serve? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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