So I Have the Nasty Bug


So I Have the Nasty Bug

I’ve talked to people who’ve had the virus, but not much about having it or how they felt when they got it so that’s why I’m writing it down (my memory isn’t what it used to be, and even then it wasn’t that great). In case you’re wondering, the virus didn’t take away my sense of humor or common sense for that matter.

Recently had to get my first C19 test 5 days before my scheduled hernia repair operation and the results came back negative, I then underwent an outpatient surgery at a local hospital and came home the same day with instructions to take it easy and not pick up anything heavier than a jug of milk (8 lbs) until I see the doctor in 2 weeks. Those instructions were easier said than done.

About a week later I had this yukky feeling and thought I was getting a cold so I began self-medicating with standard OTC household flu meds including good old Vicks VapoRub, the old blue bottle with no expiration date. I think it is a carryover from when our kids were little.

I had been using Tylenol for arthritis, as needed and when I felt a slight fever I included Tylenol in my flu regimen, then added stuff for nasal congestion and drainage (Alka Seltzer cold and flu tablets) and began carrying tissues. I felt fine, other than the congestion in the mornings and late afternoons that continued, but felt I was on the down side of this flu bug when I went to my 2 weeks after surgery checkup.

My second surgery required another C19 test so 5 days prior I went to the hospital drive through testing site to get tested. I felt pretty good, but wasn’t surprised when the results came the next day showing that I had tested positive for C19 (the SARS virus detected in colds and flu is the same basic one detected in C19).

I then decided to take my wife to a drive through testing site to be tested, and I also received another test. Two days later her results came back negative and mine was positive.

Understandably my scheduled pacemaker replacement surgery had to be rescheduled.

Then I got a call from a representative of the Colorado health department confirming my testing positive for C19 and asking all sorts of questions about the virus and my symptoms. She followed up with an email letter of quarantine for 10 days to make sure I didn’t go out and spread the virus.

I’m basically in home-isolation for the next 10 days. So that means no trick or treating for me. Maybe I should start a Candy Go Fund Me page where anyone can donate UNEATEN candy?  😉

I still feel that both masking and getting the jab are matters that require a personal choice, not government interference. Nothing justifies giving up personal rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

– I am still the Real Truckmaster +C19!

MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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