Why Do You Keep Writing?


Why Do You Keep Writing?

I was told that based on the responses to my RTM posts about Trump, nobody is paying attention so what is my motive to keep on writing?

That’s a fair question so let me answer with this post. Until the biased media turn over a new leaf and return to fair and balanced journalism reporting as it happens and without bias someone must stand up (COVFEFE).

This is my motivation.

I watched the 8 years of Obama where he circumvented the globe apologizing for the “sins” of America defending freedom and opposing human rights violations after the Second World War. I watched as this elected head of state did his best to change America in spite of the Constitution. I watched as members of congress (his former colleagues) hemmed and hawed about his constitutional abuses, but did nothing. Obama bragged that there were had no blunders (Acorn; Fanny Mae – Freddy Mack; Cash for Clunkers; Guns to Mexican Cartels; DACA, & Benghazi) to embarrass his administration. I watched as the media held him up as the savior of blacks in America. He was “awarded” the Nobel Prize because he was black and could do no wrong. He counted on Hillary succeeding him in 2016 so that his legacy could continue to bring change like you’d never believe to an America he could be proud of.

What Obama along with many others hadn’t counted on was that Christians in America and around the world had been praying for God to do something. “Save our country. We are in grave trouble in which only you can save us,” they prayed.

Throughout biblical times God has always done things his way and in his timing. We have read how God created Adam; called Noah; brought forth Moses and used Cyrus. In every case God called forth and those who were available responded. We read about God sending his only begotten son Jesus as the Savior to redeem sinful mankind.

Throughout history courageous men and women have risen up to do the impossible. Our nation was founded on the impossible. From Plymouth Rock to California our nation has become the shining city upon a hill where people flock from around the world to enjoy freedom unlike any other place.

So when we pray and believe God hears but we don’t know how he will answer. I firmly believe that in 2015 God called a man for such a time as this. That man was Donald Trump. His mandate from God was simple – stop evil and become God’s sword to the spirit of political correctness.

I won’t go into detail but the “Resist Trump” movement has underscored the resistance of evil to Almighty God. That is why every evil deed to stop Trump failed to remove him from office. You might ask what about the 2020 stolen election? God’s plan called for Trump to be the 45th president for a specific purpose but didn’t guarantee he be reelected, nor does it mean he will be elected should he run again.

What we see with the Biden presidency is what an Obama third term looks like with fundamental changes to our country, Constitution and sovereignty that spell disaster and may very well end our nation as we know it.

This tells me that now more than ever before we should put our complete trust in God for man cannot save us. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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