Let Us Discuss Going Green


Let Us Discuss Going Green

Remember when AOC began promoting her green new deal? There was all this talk about climate change and we had to do something to save the planet. She called for banning cow farts (barnyard gasses) and next came plant based burgers, more wind powered turbines and even electric vehicles. We all laughed and scoffed that these crazy notions were even being discussed on the floor of congress and over the airwaves and social media.

After the snookering of America in 2020 we got a new president (by hook or crook) and low and behold in 2021 a presidential mandate that ALL government vehicles become eVehicles within a very short time period. It seemed ridiculous and unachievable even a bit farfetched considering the number of government vehicles used by the US Postal Service as well as the Government Service Administration (GSA) that provides and allocates vehicles for the Department of Defense. And then there are tactical military vehicles and equipment designed for rugged combat conditions, helicopters, aircraft, hovercraft, ships, submarines, tanks, combat support vehicles and soooo much more.  

Have you taken a look at the new car ads for eVehicles? All the major car manufacturers have bought into this fantasy world, lock – stock & barrel. First it was Eldon Musk and his Tesla cars so futuristic and priced right out of the budget of Middle Americans. Then we began seeing charging stations popping up around the nation and 240 volt charging stations in family homes and garages, plus the supercharging stations that still takes an hour to charge a vehicle after a 200-300 mile range. There are options on eVehicles – fully electric, electric-hybrid, and plugin-electric-hybrid vehicles for every family’s fantasy and price range.

Manufacturers have been cranking out cars, trucks, buses and semis as well as every other known conveyance or mode of travel. So fast are they rolling off the assembly lines that somebody forgot to tell the computer chip companies, many of whom are now closed and shuttered because of the jab mandates coming out of the Oval Office? No pokey, no jobee and no chipeee!

Consumers are faced with phasing out the old family car for the soon to be mandated eVehicles and have to wait until somebody somewhere (maybe China) assembles a roadworthy computer chip for their desired ride. There are literally thousands of new eVehicles sitting in open storage lots unable to be sold or used without the chip. How is that Build Back Better working out for you Mr. President? Or maybe I should ask how is it working out for John Q. and Suzy Doe?

Did I mention the wind powered turbines – many of them can be seen standing idle or unserviceable and unable to be recycled because of the composition of the towers is non-recyclable?

American ingenuity can overcome most any problem or issue when given the freedom to explore options and possibilities, but tying both hands behind our proverbial back is akin to cheating don’t you think? I do and I’m the Real Truckmaster!


MeWe.Com/The_Real_Truckmaster_Series – 2021

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