Migration without Pesky Borders


Migration without Pesky Borders

Misinformation is critical when it comes to Amnesty, Immigration or Invasion. America’s immigration laws provide for extensive background checks, criminal investigative reports that allow those being persecuted to seek out a safe haven in a country where carving out an American Dream is full of unlimited possibilities.  The embodiment of being welcomed to America can be seen with the Statue of Liberty in New York.

American politicians have long known the dangers of allowing unchecked entry into our country. Many have placated the American people with words and actions that resemble a loud banging on the skirts of Lady Liberty with border fencing that do not prevent wild animals, cattle, illegal immigrants or nefarious drug dealing thugs from sneaking across under the hours of darkness. Doing something about it is said to cost too much and do too little or we are told is demeaning to well-intentioned migrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

I ask why does the law-making body (Congress) not make adjustments in immigration laws or rewrite the law so that undocumented migration into this country is no longer a federal criminal offense or why does the President not sign such a bill into law to have it removed from the criminal statues? Are they not so smart as to realize that is the responsible thing to do if such errors already exist?

How can members of Congress who so quickly criticized former President Trump, look the other way as President Biden opened the southern border wide for undocumented and illegal immigrant crossings, while declaring legal immigrants and tourists coming in through every other port of entry be required to present documentation of up-to-date jabs before being allowed into our country?

Why is it that Americans are not up in arms (figuratively or literally) over unconstitutional abuse of power by the President IN CONJUNCTION and with the approval of Congress without any challenges or ruling being declared by the SCOTUS as to the constitutionality of not enforcing national security of our nation or its citizens?

Are we simply skipping up the “yellow brick road” to our own demise? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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