Threat to Democracy


Threat to Democracy

It’s been over a month since I deleted my Twitter account. It became obvious to me this social media outlet had served its purpose and outlived its usefulness to me. Since I had already stopped watching, listening or paying attention to mainstream media outlets my life has settled down to near normalcy. Oh I see the headlines, the play on words to grab everyone’s attention in an attempt to keep animosity stirred up and insuring the continued division of America.

What continue popping up after 11 months are the J6 Committee hearings where select legislators try not to find the truth behind what happened on that fateful day when unarmed Ashlie Babbitt was killed by a Capital Police officer and it was deemed “justified” and how to blame it all on President Trump and his MAGA supporters.

Interestingly enough J6 was called a coup by Congress and their media lackeys. Coup is actually the wrong term. A coup is when the elected leader of a nation is overthrown. An attempted coup is when it fails to oust that duly elected leader.

What happened on J6 was hijacking a portion of the post-rally event by actors of the radical left turning the Nation’s Capital Building into a riotous mess while posing as Trump supporters and drawing a portion of the MAGA crowd into the vacuum.  It’s almost as an aside that many of the leftist rioters were arrested, many have already been tried and sentenced while the FBI has dedicated a great number of resources to hunting down, arresting and detaining (without charges) ordinary Americans who happened to be in DC at the rally that day. One such person was Ashlie Babbitt who was the only casualty that day and no charges were ever levied against her killer.

I’ve heard from sitting legislators who are fearful that should President Trump run for office in 2024 it will be the end of Democracy in our nation. Those are pretty strong words from a body of government that has dedicated the past 5 years trying to obstruct his presidency, remove him from office or sneakily trying to create a law that would prevent an impeached president from running for any political office. They even attempted to remove Trump’s rights and privileges as a former president. In my book those actions meet the prime definition of a coup. It is the pot calling the kettle black.

I watched as Kerry a former Obama appointee went behind the back of the Trump administration telling Iran how to get around US foreign policies, and then as a Biden special appointee continue working with Iran to negate Trump policies that negatively affected Iran.

I also watched as Obama’s #2 (VP Biden) wreaked havoc on the world stage and then was positioned to replace Trump in the largest election fraud in US History, even now a number of election officials either have been sentenced or are facing charges for their action on the November Presidential Election of 2020.

After taking (I mean that literally) office Biden’s gut wrenching edicts, executive actions and policy changes have wreaked havoc on America and with our allies by cowering to both China and Russia.

The rapid withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, leaving thousands of American’s and our Afghan allies behind, while having enemy forces like the Taliban provide “security” for the American withdrawal that left $B of equipment and weapons of war behind.

The Biden open border policy allows unvetted and unvaccinated foreigners into our country and placed a great many of them on public assistance at taxpayer expense.

The bungling of the coronavirus response by the Biden administration by presidential mandates to stay masked and “get jabbed” OR ELSE has greatly hurt national defense and public morale. Badgering Americans to put something into their body that has been approved for emergency use continues to feed the need for greater restrictions on the rights and liberties of all Americans.

The greatest threat to democracy is the Chicago-style Mob Mentality of the Liberal Progressive Democratic Party and their media lackeys as voiced by Democratic leaders of both chambers of Congress. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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