The Chickens are Coming to Roost


The Chickens are Coming to Roost

I can’t help but notice the lack of press coverage for the civil unrest, migrant invasions or national division we saw constantly during President Trump’s administration when congressional democrats and their media lackeys were on full attack mode every single day.

The focus immediately shifted to President Biden eating his favorite ice cream, his secretive presidential administration which made a point of reversing Trump’s legacy at America’s expense.

Stopping construction on the southern border wall with tons of material already paid for became a huge waste of money already spent. Instead of preventing this massive invasion of unvetted and undocumented alien army, they were welcomed with open arms, given food, shelter and coddled like new democratic voters-in-training.

Within 8 months President Biden ended the war in Afghanistan, although not using conventional wisdom, policy or procedures he ordered the withdrawal of all US forces leaving ALL equipment, weapons and nearly 1,000+ American citizens after abandoning a fully functioning US Airbase to the Taliban.

Instead of holding this administration accountable, Americans are even more divided and attacking each other over mandated vaccines and masks. Our national security is seriously threatened because of mandated vaccines are forcing service personnel, civilians and first responders out of their jobs unless they submit. Businesses who fire workers over vaccines are unable to staff factories, production lines, buses, trucks and even airlines due to lack of personnel. Employees no longer provide customer service, but verbally and physically attack those who are not wearing masks or refuse to get vaccinated.

It has come down to “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink – so shoot the horse” mentality. Then it becomes who’s going to carry my saddle? Or I can’t ride the range because I don’t have a horse!

That brings me to the next issue – mandating electric vehicles for government vehicles. I’ve written about this before but still this “green new deal” stuff is being forced down our throats by slick advertising. What has not been taken into consideration is the fact that our way of life depends on oil production, drilling and fracking, without which there can be no electric vehicles.

When President Biden shut down the pipeline, began tapping our nation’s oil reserves and begged oil producing countries in Europe to send us more oil, nobody batted an eye. Instead they were celebrating still another Trump policy smashed. The effect on our economy is still to be fully realized as factories have moved once again overseas or outside the US and American families are being forced to take government subsidies like the stimulus and welfare.

Instead of making things better or safer for Americans our weaponized government is looking for grandmas and grandpas who attended the January 6th 2021 MEGA rally, instead of going after the real culprits of a bonafide coup that lasted more than 4 years trying to oust President Trump.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely has truly come to roost in American politics as we sit and wait for the foxes guarding the henhouse to keep all us chickens safe. – I am the Real Truckmaster!  

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