Putting Things into Perspective

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Putting Things into Perspective

We are born with nothing and we die the same way. Those are not my words yet it’s just the way God has created us.

A recent event in my life struck a chord with my inner being, my soul.

The death of a friend I’ve known for a very long time to cancer that grabs hold and consumes every cell it touches. Often treatment is too little, too late and my friend seemed to have come to terms with this deadly foe. When asked how he was doing he would normally reply “I’m still sucking air”. Well two weeks before Christmas 2021 that sucking ceased.

We knew this would be a very bad time for his wife so we went to her for much more than moral support, but for friendly shoulders to cry on. We talked about the good old days when our families lived close enough and lending support was just what we did. Over the years we came to each other’s homes both here and overseas. We talked about what was important in life – our relationship with God and with each other. You must have the first in order for the other to be successful and truly meaningful.

Our lives are formed on the foundation of our past experiences. We tend to reminisce of exploits that grow larger than life as we age. It’s important to learn from them, but not be taken captive by them so we miss living in the present.

The bible teaches us to love God and to love each other. When it is possible to live peacefully with everyone, so in this day and age where everyone is trying to be something or someone, why not choose to be kind! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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