Born With A Purpose

clip from The Chosen


Born With A Purpose

The bible tells that we are wonderfully made and in the image of our creator God. Our purpose, our destiny, the hairs on our head and even the number of our days were determined before the world was created. Let that sink in…

When God created Adam he walked and talked with God daily. Can you imagine the peaceful calm over throughout the garden and over the entire earth? Life was good. God looked over all his creation and saw that it was good. God saw that Adam needed a help-mate, so out of Adam God created Eve and they became one.

When the serpent showed his ugly head as the tempter first Eve, then Adam fell to temptation, mankind became sinful and life on planet earth changed forever.

Out of all that was created there is only one Begotten Son of the Father and his name is Jesus. He was born with a purpose – to save the world from sin. But Jesus was born to live as a man tempted in every way, but live nonetheless without sin.

Did Jesus know his road would ultimately lead to the cross? After all he was fully God and fully Man. I have to believe that Jesus knew his Father and trusted him with his life as he walked the path before him, step by step, one day at a time. It’s the kind of trust a child has for its father, even more so.

There is a song “Mary did you know?” that expresses those same thoughts. If she knew the end would she have submitted to the beginning? I ask if Jesus knew the pain and suffering he would go through would he still have walked the walk. I think he did know his purpose was not to condemn but to save the world from sin. He said so during his brief ministry. Yet I think it was revealed to him as he took each step completely trusting his Father.

There were lots of things happening during the time Jesus walked on the earth. Rebellions, uprisings, civil unrest, lying, cheating, stealing, murder, fornication, adultery – all the things we see today. Yet through it all Jesus had to remain focused not on his purpose, but on his Father. Had Jesus stepped back and looked at his situation he very well could have said “Beam me up Father. It’s too hard for me.” Yet he knew his Father’s will and remained faithful. Jesus is often quoted as saying life is like a race where only the committed and faithful get the prize. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father but through him.

Imagine Jesus walking to Jerusalem and the path goes through Golgotha and he sees men hanging on the despicable Roman crosses. Did he wonder if that could be him? Surely the Father would direct his steps, but even if it was the cross, if it was the Father’s will…….. Jesus had the full power of God at his disposal, yet he had the full power of Man in his life and he trusted in his Father completely. He spoke publicly as the Spirit gave utterance, yet remained silent when there was no need to speak. Oh that I could be more like Jesus.

We too are born with a purpose, to honor and glorify God with our very life. We are given tongues to speak, brains to think and hands and feet to carry the Good News that “GOD LOVES YOU” to every sinner we meet. We are to love God, each other and show kindness to everyone. We are told to pray for those that persecute or mistreat us just as Jesus did. With eternity at stake, how are we holding up our end of the bargain? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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