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The Art of Influencing Perception

Since the days of Adam and Eve perception has not necessarily been reality. God said “Don’t or you will die” while the serpent said “You will not surely die, but become as God”. The good book tells us that disobedience to God is sin. There is a price to pay for sin that does not end with the physical death of man.

Today we refer to it as “Gaslighting” – Making someone question their own reality. Did you know there are schools for that? Schools that teach psychology to reach inside people’s minds in order to find out what makes them tick.

There are also schools that train individuals how to interpret the law. Upon graduation from these prestigious institutions we often refer them as liars I mean lawyers. Under the law the accused is considered innocent until tried in court and found guilty. They are taught what the law says in order to influence a court, a judge or a jury to render a favorable verdict for their client. True guilt or innocence may not have anything to do with it. If the jury perceives, based on the evidence presented, that the accused is innocent or guilty a verdict is rendered.

The same is true in politics. Politicians, many of whom are lawyers by trade, use the court of public opinion to render their political opponent in a bad light, either far right or far left in order to influence voters. There are some who collaborate with others to engineer and event or incident to the detriment of another politician but to their own political advantage. Using a constant barrage of truths, half-truths and outright lies many a politician has fallen from grace only to have their political, personal and professional lives ruined.

Let us compare two very prominent politicians who are household names in America and around the world. One a lifelong politician, the other a lifelong businessman who reached for and achieved the highest office in our nation – President of the United States where the mere mention of their names evoke an immediate and everlasting response.

Turning from a lifetime of a successful businessman and entertainer to the office of the Presidency, Donald Trump began a campaign to turn America into a more productive nation where everyone deserves the same opportunity to achieve the American dream. His political rivals also began a campaign to discredit and oppose this political outsider. His many accomplishments were marginalized, minimized and overshadowed by political grandstanding and his being forever known as the President who was impeached twice during a single term and his re-election stolen by election and voter fraud leading to a national day of anger that derailed the election process.

Turning public service into a lifelong profession in Congress with nothing outstanding to be remembered for before rising to the height of power as Vice President and then his claim to fame is defeating the incumbent to become President, Joe Biden then proceeded to erase the legacy of his predecessor at great expense of the American people and all that during his first year in office. The perception that he is doing an outstanding job, completely ignores his failures in handling the virus using dictatorial-style mandates causing massive American job losses; opening the US/Mexico border to undocumented and illegal migrants and their dispersion into the US interior; misuse of America’s natural resources; and the bungling and misuse of the Armed Forces and the Department of Justice. With Biden being the public face of the Democratic Party and how to succeed in politics, maybe it’s time for a new political mascot – the Cheetah, not for is speed and elegance or efficiency, but for how it sounds (cheater). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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