A Bigger Threat


A Bigger Threat

As the 2022 and 2024 campaign trails heat up there is speculation of who the best candidate will be for president in 2024. I’ve seen names thrown around like DeSantis, Pompeo, two Scotts, Cotton or Trump. Although they are each better candidates than what the Democrats are hinting at, Biden, Clinton or even Harris I don’t think any of the “D”s have a clue how to manage or lead our nation as they had no idea how to legislate during their time in the Senate.

What America needs more than anything else are politicians who put their trust not in man, but in God. There are 50 states that desperately need competent leadership. Thus far those with strong Republican governors who don’t hesitate to stand up against Democratic tyrants or incompetent elected or appointed politicians in government are what we need to see more of.

I personally would like to see a Mike Pompeo – Tim Scott ticket in 2024. It would be a new direction for American politics where two very smart individuals could bring real change. I think having Ron DeSantis in Florida does more to keep tyranny in check than anything else and America needs that.

I also think that having Donald Trump hitting the campaign trail, endorsing candidates with truly American values, calling out the RINOs and pandering Dems is more of a threat to the entire Progressive Democratic Party than he was as president simply because of his impending threat to occupy the White House once again.

It’s well past time for Americans to exercise their Brain-Before-Voting and expel every political office holder that continues to follow the leader by mandating or legislating un-American values. There are 535 seats in Congress, 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House and every one should be filled with patriotic Americans of every political party.

We need to close our borders to unlawful immigration and commit our law enforcement resources to identifying and arresting and prosecuting politicians at every level who manipulated, orchestrated or executed this mass immigration assault on America. We then must track down, apprehend and deport EVERY illegal resident inside United States territory. Those who are hard-working, contributing to our society could be offered a path to citizenship, depending upon their circumstances.

My plan may not address every issue with the immigration system, but maintaining an open door policy along the southern border is not in America’s best interests or national security. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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