Kiosk at Mickey Ds


Kiosk at Mickey Ds

A few years back some of the Mickey Ds in town had switched to kiosks to order and being a big boy I decided to place my order. I fumbled and fiddled through the process and placed my order. Shortly they called me to the counter to pay and pickup. The clerk asked if that was all I wanted and I said yes, that’s all I wanted. I paid for my breakfast sandwich and he handed it in a to-go bag. I decided to sit and eat before heading to the car and on to finish me errands. I opened the bag and tucked neatly in that yellow wrapping were my two plain McMuffin slices, which I ate as if that was what I really wanted……   

The moral of my story is to check, check and double check when ordering from a faceless machine menu. McMuffins normally come with egg, cheese, and ham for a buck. Haven’t been back for several years now and I have no idea what they come with or cost. But if the clerk asks, that’s a red flag alert that all may not be well with your order.

BTW that 4 for a $1 advertisement on television do not mean you can order all four sandwich combos for a buck either, you got to choose only one combo i.e. burger, fries, nuggets and a drink (I tried). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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