Truckers Haul It All


Truckers Haul It All

Truckers are the unsung heroes of the highway. Call me old school but during World War II military transport units were quite often segregated and blacks were relegated as drivers supporting Patton’s 8th Army in what was called the “Red Ball Express” hauling fuel and supplies from North Africa to Germany. Without these army truckers the allied fighting force would have been stranded.

During the early years of my career as an army trucker during the Vietnam War we had a resurgence of the “Red Ball Express” as truckers of the 519th Transportation Battalion sought ways to rapidly transport dairy products (Milk & Ice Cream) to army and air force units throughout Thailand.

Years later during the Iraq War combined army truckers from National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty units carried fuel in a mad dash to Baghdad keeping the A1 Abrams tanks supplied.

If you remember Smokey and the Bandit or Mad Max movies they brought the romantic or combative lifestyles of truckers to the silver screen. Maybe that’s why many drivers consider those huge trucks intimidating.

All too often drivers of 4 wheelers (cars & such) do not consider the consequences of pulling out in front of an 80,000 lb. truck but the law of physics dictates that a 5,000 lb. automobile going less than the speed of a truck results in tragedy 100% of the time.

What we are seeing in Canada and elsewhere are the effects of truckers peacefully making their voices heard during what will be known as the senseless mandates of tyrannical leaders. During the past 2 years shoppers have found shelves empty of various products and the blame has been thrown on a shortage of truckers, instead of governmental mismanagement and interference through faulty regulatory action.

This goes to show that marginalizing and declaring a particular group of workers non-essential has consequences. The same thing has happened to law enforcement, first responders and hospital staff where they were hailed as heroes for stepping up, but later fired or terminated for not getting the jab.

Whether in Canada or the USA, politicians should realize that they are the ones who are non-essential. Voters must let their voices be heard on the streets and in the ballot box. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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