Sold a Bill of Goods


Sold a Bill of Goods

It can be frustrating when talking to smart, educated professionals about politics. It would seem they have been taken and spoon fed by the media to the point that the far left and far right are equally held in great distain and walking a tightrope down the middle will bring America back together again. To those who call the United States a democracy, you are wrong. Almost every democracy in existence or having ever existed had a tyrannical dictator at the helm, and the rights of the people were whittled down to obedience or death.

The United States of America is the only Constitutional-Republic out of the more than 200 “recognized” nations of the world. The Constitution is the law of the land where the rights of citizens are protected and we call defending the Constitution our “Patriotic Duty”. There can be no left or right patriotism. Either you are defending or attacking the cause of freedom.

Those who do not support the Constitution have aimed to resist, repeal or simply ignore it. In my book that equates from un-American to Treasonable conduct. It must be stopped dead in its tracks.

What we have seen in America over the past 5 years equates to a prolonged siege against the government and the people of the United States by entities and subversive individuals to force the fall of our nation. After gaining a foothold in Congress, a minority of citizen-legislators have positioned themselves to redirect the media and through the use of Alinsky tactics public perception of events aimed at destabilization of our government.

The normalization of domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters have led to acts of terror and insurrection from coast to coast. We first heard about isolation of an area in Seattle they called Chad; nest it was attacks of government buildings, law enforcement and private citizens where damage to property and loss of life were simply ignored.

Opportunity sprang up in Minneapolis when a planned protest march over the death of George Floyd as Antifa operatives subverted the mostly peaceful protest by turning it into riots and outright anarchy and projecting as Floyd a national martyr causing more marching, rioting and looting in major cities across the nation.

Using the same tactics Antifa operatives chose the planned election protest of January 6th as another opportunity to derail a peaceful protest and turn it into a major insurrectionist attack causing havoc INSIDE the nation’s capital at precisely the time Electoral College ballots were being presented to be certified at the joint session of Congress and casting the blame on President Trump as a sore loser.

There is a legitimate process for contesting the results of a presidential election. That process was hastily interrupted and ultimately derailed, yet nobody elected to call a postponement or adjournment until order could be restored. What happened was simply bringing a hasty end to the process at the expense of justice and Americans are paying the price.

The bill of goods America bought was the totally false reporting that Trump ordered the insurrection’s attack on the Nation’s Capital. He did not. Insurrection is taking down the sitting leader of a nation by force. It is impossible for a leader to take him down, yet it is highly possible for conspirators to affect the takedown of said leader.

There were acts of vandalism, destruction and theft of government property and murder, which are all punishable under the law. The Constitution requires a speedy trial where the accused are considered innocent until convicted by a jury of their peers.

What is clear to me is that perceived lawbreakers have been unlawfully detained and incarcerated without charges and are not considered innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The apprehension, incarceration without charges or bail is a violation of the rights of individuals protected by the Constitution while justifying the murder of an intruder, whether armed or unarmed, without presenting an immediate threat to life is still murder, yet no charges were ever brought against the police lieutenant who fired his weapon killing Ashley Babbitt.

To those who thought they had bought a race horse only to find out it was a nag – you bought that bill of goods, now own it! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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