The Enemy of My Enemy


The Enemy of My Enemy

How can siding with the enemy of my enemy make them my friend? Believe me the mess we are in today began at least as far back as World War II when a Democratic President Roosevelt chose sides with the enemy of our ally Great Brittan, if not since the foundation of our nation?

Hitler pushed Germany into another world war and meant on conquering Europe while defeating the Russian empire and the world beyond Europe until the US stepped onto the world stage in an effort to stop a monstrous bully and sided against Germany’s enemy Russia. After the defeat and unconditional surrender of Germany the allies were discussing dividing up the “spoils of war” and it was Roosevelt who sided up a little too cozy with Stalin distancing away from Churchill. The result was the great Soviet Union gobbling up Eastern Europe behind the Iron Curtain.  

We call that history.

It was another Democratic President Obama who went on his infamous tour around the globe apologizing for America’s sin of stopping the bullies (Hitler and Hirohito) in their tracks. By this time the Soviet Union had collapsed, Eastern European block countries had gained their independence once again and the world was well on the way to becoming a better place. Then Russia exerted their power and invaded Crimea and Ukraine unopposed by the US led NATO. Then Vice President Biden threatened the Ukrainian president to fire a special prosecutor investigating a Ukrainian corporation in Ukraine or face the withholding of vital military aide promised by the US, and after leaving office bragged about doing so during a televised conference.

Shortly after Republican President Trump took office he circled the globe stating that the US was no longer the world punching bag and after Syria attacked its own citizens with deadly chemicals from Russian airbases inside Syria, he warned Russia to withdraw all Russian forces from said airbase. When they failed to comply, the US rained missiles onto the airbase causing many Russian casualties. It was a clear warning that the US would no longer stand idly by.

Shortly after Democratic President Biden took office he made a decision to abandon a US airbase, all arms and equipment and US Citizens in Afghanistan to the Taliban. He also told the Afghanistan president to stop resisting the Taliban’s efforts to overtake the government. Biden also cancelled construction on the XL Pipeline project and approved US purchasing petroleum from a Russian pipeline. Now as Russia again invaded Ukraine unopposed Putin warned NATO allies not to interfere.

As many of you know I have written about how in my opinion God chose Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States and many have scoffed, ridiculed and called me various names because of my writings.

I have also written side-by-side comparisons of Trump and Biden which highlight the obvious differences in their world experience and leadership styles. It is my opinion that God used the Trump presidency to expose the extent of corruption in our government and show that with God one man can make a difference. God will often give people what they ask for or want when it suits HIS purpose. But because God did not promise Trump would be a 2-term president, or that running again will automatically guarantee him another term, unless it is his supreme will. What we are seeing played out on the world stage is the unfolding of biblical prophecy right before our very eyes.

All men are created equal by our Creator, the Bill of Rights; US Constitution; and the Declaration of Independence clearly states it as fact. History has shown politicians either fight to preserve the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or they are not.

It boggled my mind when someone recently said to me, “I didn’t vote for Biden or Trump, I voted against Trump”. I say take a bow buddy because you own the mess we’re having in this nation and on the world stage today. Taking a stand for right means never standing beside or for wrong. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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