Entertainers Politicians and Trump

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Entertainers Politicians and Trump

I’ve been thinking a lot about the grip various factions have over Americans of every age or economic group and it needs to be explored. What we “know” about our history has largely been a pictorial history orchestrated and delivered through the medium out of Hollywood. The romanticizing of the American Revolution; the westward expansion of the nation; cowboys and Indians; the birth of Texas; Outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger and others all give a false sense of history that is very different from and outside of reality.

From a political standpoint marginalizing historical accuracy to score political points and secure the votes and control over people who tend to believe everything they are told, often without questioning is akin to nothing more than Gaslighting and stereotyping politicians as men and women so intent on getting to Washington that they will promise everything and deliver nothing except a career in politics that enriches their own pockets does exactly the same thing.

What happened when political outsider Donald Trump went to Washington? America was exposed to the combined efforts of the entertainment industry and career politicians willing to soil the Trump name and reputation in an effort to prevent him from carrying out his duties as President by any means available. Calling it “resistance” but I call it an “insurrection” whereby public figures and elected officials jointly declared it un-American and disloyal to obey or support the sitting president as he worked to make American great again.

It continues today as these same entertainers and politicians are fearful that Trump may run again in 2024 and destroy America. Do they not see what has happened to our nation after they succeeded in tainting an election while placing the blame on Americans intent on stripping the power of these shameless politicians? The American spirit did not curl up and die after the debacle of 2020 but is being renewed daily. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


2 thoughts on “Entertainers Politicians and Trump

  1. I’ve long banned myself from Hollywood types and their media presence, be it actors or comedians that spew hatred for conservative Christians. The list grows by the day as the little demons expose themselves to us. The usual mouths are on Twitter and the rest of social media denouncing Russia and Ukraine, still blaming Trump for Putin’s evil doings. The use of Griffin’s image was perfect; she represents all that is evil in the domain of California. Bill Mahr, the king of liberals on television, is now denouncing his own kind for being so out of touch with reality. He is right, of course. Sadly, I am down to watching entertainment where I don’t know the actor’s political affiliation, or I know they are not flaming libs. That doesn’t leave much. The state of America, via its citizens, is vital. Our leadership is the weakness in the chain. Russia and China know this and will exploit it to their advantage. As always, good points Truckmaster. God Bless Texas.


    1. I too have a very long list of celebrities I will no longer watch. For me it started with Barbara Streisand and grows every time another one opens their mouth negatively badmouthing the rights and freedoms that America stands for – God, Mom, Apple Pie and the right to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

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