Hypothetical on Mandating Electric Vehicles


Hypothetical on Mandating Electric Vehicles

A friend and I were talking about the long term effects of our government leader implementing the Green New Deal using mandates. In reality this goes back many years now with hydroelectric plants, dams, solar panels, wind-turbines for generating energy to fuel the nation without using one iota of fossil fuels. Has anybody thought this process to a natural conclusion? In a nutshell it is unsustainable!

Basically ever since Al Gore “invented” the internet during his vice presidency someone has been pushing the idea that solar panels on every home in America is the answer. Today’s ads tell that it’s no money out of your pocket to get them installed. What they fail to say is what it’s going to cost in the long run, after installation? Is there a downside to cutting the electrical umbilical cord with your local power company? What about weather and other hazards and I’m talking about earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, hail, rain, snow, sleet and ice? What is the cost of replacing one solar panel? What about replacing the battery used to store all that energy? Or the cost of replacing other equipment associated with the solar system? How many panels does it take to run refrigerator, freezer, stove, washer, dryer, computers and other electronic stuff?

And if that isn’t enough, Eldon Musk devised this thing called a Tesla that sort of runs on energy stored in a series of batteries that must be charged using a 450 Watt power source from home charging stations located inside the garage(s). Look around at your neighborhood, if everybody had as many Tesla vehicles as they currently have gas or diesel powered ones, what would happen to the power grid?

Other car manufacturers are coming out with their own electric or hybrid vehicles and they too must be plugged in to charge. Are all charging stations alike? Think of cell phones – they each have a different plug and not all phones are created equal. Do they sell eCar to Tesla adapters? What is the cost associated with these charging stations? And how exactly are these charging stations charged – by osmosis? What happens when electric car batteries need to be replaced is there an eco-safe battery graveyard nearby – say in neighboring states? And are automotive dealers, garages or backyard mechanics equipped to handle this new form of energy – safely?

Let’s circle back to those highly visible gigantic wind-turbines which seem to generate a lot of friction inside with their moving parts. How much energy is generated by a single turbine? How are they cooled? I heard tell that it takes about 90-gallons of OIL inside each turbine EVERY DAY to keep them running? Do they have massive storage tanks inside or nearby? What happens when one turbine breaks down, catches on fire or simply quits working? How much does it cost to replace one and how are the old ones disposed of?

Let’s say in about 20 years all the motor vehicles in the US have been replaced with electric ones, where did all the gas/diesel vehicles go? Motorbikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, trains, tanks, AIRPLANES, military motorized equipment and weapons of war have been converted to electric or hybrid. The world is at peace because we’re all “saving the planet” and the unthinkable happens – Electronic Pulse Devises or lasers located high in the sky above suddenly emit the dreaded EMP and life as we know it comes to a sudden stop. No electronics of any kind are safe from its deadly and immediate strike. Pacemakers, cardiac and other hospital equipment are dead. Phones, power generators, solar panels and any kind of power generating device are rendered useless.

I’m not talking about some conspiracy theory or dreaded end of the world movie, but life as we know it has stopped. People not used to critical thinking are unable to function without cellphones, calculators, adding machines or cash registers, computers, or televisions. Maybe, just maybe we nuked ourselves back to the stone-age and didn’t even know it.

Isn’t it time to get ahead of this potential plague that tumbles kingdoms, nations and empires? The one thing we have going for us is that all the politicians have become useless (not that they aren’t already) and ordinary, average people are forced to use that grey matter between their ears in order to figure out how to survive. Maybe now is the time to replace the 535 members of congress with 535 genuine patriots who know how to hunt and fish, make a living and take care of their families AND their neighbors without government interference. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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