Seeking God


Seeking God

During today’s discussion I had this thought about what it means to be a Christian? I mean anybody can claim to be a believer, but what do their actions say about their faith?

Take Saul of the bible, his zeal for persecuting and his commissioning to go after those he believed were heretics gave him great joy until one day he had an encounter with Jesus that changed his focus and his life forever. From that point on he went all out in the completely opposite direction defending the faith at all cost and wrote a great majority of the New Testament under extremely taxing conditions.

There are many more examples throughout the bible where God used ordinary men and women to do the impossible. God did many miracles with nobodies, people society had discarded or simply overlooked.  

David was a runt, then stepped up and slew Goliath.

Moses had a speech problem and couldn’t keep his hands up, so God used Aaron to enable Moses to do what he chose him to do.

Noah, an old man in whom God found favor, built the ark as others scoffed at him; he then sailed away with his family as God gave mankind a mulligan.

Time and again God made dry bones to live again and made a donkey to speak and said even the rocks would cry out.

I’ve read of modern day men whom God used not because of their ability, but of their availability.

Jim Elliott, a “no compromise” missionary who flew to Central America to bring the gospel to a heathen tribe and who with his fellow missionaries were murdered along by the very people he came to reach. In the end many of those same tribesmen became believers.

David Wilkerson, the country preacher who went to Harlem to bring the gospel to a gang of hoodlums. When gang leader Nicky Cruz threatened to kill him and cut him up in little pieces, Wilkerson stood firm and said every piece would cry out that “Jesus Loves You”. And when shot at point blank range the bullet stopped and fell to the ground without touching Wilkerson. Nicky Cruz is now a believer who talks at churches of the power of the love of Jesus.

Keith Green, a talented pianist, writer and singer played in the bars up and down the California coastline, but when God got his heart, he too went all out for God with “no compromise” writing and singing as the heart of God dictated until a tragic airplane crash took his life and everyone on his small airplane.

Billy Graham an evangelist who spent his lifetime preaching the gospel while seeking the lost and bringing a multitude to the salvation knowledge of Christ.

These men all had one thing in common, their no-compromise commitment to the calling that God gave them.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

I’m not one with all the answers to life’s problems, in fact I don’t even have any of the questions, but I believe that we spend way too much time seeking the hands of God when we should be seeking his face. A friend relayed a message he received from God that we should seek God’s face (not his hands). We are to seek his face while he may be found, then maybe just maybe we will see and feel the heart of God. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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