Parroting the Party Line


Parroting the Party Line

How many times have you heard someone say it doesn’t matter how dumb Biden is he’s still smarter than Trump? I’m being serious.  Biden has taken to task Trump’s slogan of Make America Great Again and replaced it with Build it Back Better.

But what must happen to build something back? That’s right first you have to tear it down.

How do you tear down a booming economy? Assault it with a pandemic scare, couple that with changing from a self-sustaining national product and forcing dependency upon national enemy states (China, Iran, and Russia).

The Obama legacy was nearly stopped dead in its tracks, or so it seemed as Trump began changing the course and direction toward America First. I can’t help but remember Carey communicating to foreign governments (in an unofficial capacity of course) that Trump wouldn’t be around that long, and then things could get back to “normal”. How could he possibly know that?

The fact that the dynamic-duo of Biden-Harris has once again highlighted what has been wrong in congress for quite a few years now – ineptitude to the max. Precisely why we need term limits for members of congress. We also need a law(s) or rule(s) that requires sitting members of congress who delve into campaigning for POTUS to immediately resign their seat in congress.

Another thing I recall is the construction on the White House grounds during the Obama administration that ended as it had abruptly began. And then shortly after leaving office there was what I call an “off site, alternate location or “White House” purchased and reinforced by Obama just a short 1-mile from the White House. What is that all about?

After seeing Biden wearing a wire during the debates where he was being fed information or coached during questioning. It’s not a stretch to consider an Obama team in the alternate location running the entire Biden show with Obama monitoring and controlling every step of the way. It’s not a conspiracy theory to assume its “The Manchurian Candidate 2.0” in action. In fact why no arrests, apprehensions or prosecutions of high powered law breakers, during the Trump – Biden presidencies for violating federal laws on immigration, espionage or treason? Why the cover up of election and voter fraud from 2015 – 2020? Saying it did not happen is no excuse!

In my humble opinion Trump’s love for America surely outweighs Biden’s love of political party and family enrichment. The nation is headed for a non-recoverable fall under Biden and not even the threat of another Trump presidency may save the nation from this terrible fate of unsustainable electric energy, illegal immigration or international diplomacy UNLESS Almighty God steps in with an undeniable “Act of God”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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