Allegence, Duty or Loyalty


As we approach Memorial Day we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Imagine my dismay when not too long ago House Speaker Pelosi sought to change the military oath to a loyalty pledge to the president, just not to Trump.

I thought then as I do now that was an underhanded attempt to divert our military from protecting the Constitution.

During my time as an active duty soldier I served under presidents from LBJ to GHWB and never once did my political bias get in the way of the Oath I had taken many times to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

For over 22 years my concern was not to express or demand my political views be heard or flaunted on the public spectrum. I tried to take care of those assigned under me by doing what was right, obeying my orders and insuring our mission was accomplished.

I’m sure there are those who’ve never served nor been around our military who think the president gives a military pep talk every morning on what he’s going to do for a given situation.

I found one such family in Montana who wanted to know what then President Reagan was going to do about that Libya thing? What did he tell us? I played along and said he’d probably bomb them. Little did I know that is exactly what he did a few weeks later.

There’s a lot of inter-service rivalry and bantering about who’s the best. It’s often played out with service academy games, but deploying when on foreign soil and it’s all about the Stars and Stripes and taking care of the guy next to you, and as General Patton has said in WWII to make the other guy die for his country. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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