The Saga of the Chevy Corvair Pickup

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This may prove to be a very short story or of no real value to anyone but me, because it’s really about recalling my memory.

In era 72-74 I was in Boise Idaho with my wife and daughter and saw a classified ad for a Chevy pickup. It wasn’t just any pickup but a 62 or 63 ramp-side Chevy Corvair pickup like the one in the commercial loading an albeit really small elephant to show off the diversity of this vehicle.

I had this idea to buy it in western Idaho for around $100 and drive it to Fort Lewis where I was stationed and use the self-help auto shop to do a little fix it up.

What was I thinking? I’m no mechanic. In fact I’m the guy who rebuilt the carburetor on my old 58 Pontiac and threw away the “extra” unneeded pieces.

Driving it across Oregon and Washington was an eye opener as it had quiet a few mechanical issues, but I made it to the fort and parked at the auto shop.

Popping the engine cover revealed the engine mounted in the rear of the cargo compartment (thus the side ramp). Not knowing where to begin I ended up selling to someone who was a lot more mechanical than I.

Moral to this story is don’t attempt any fancy ideas about fixing a car unless you know what your doing or have friends that do. I often wonder what became of that “great idea”?

In case your wondering about the carburetor rebuild project, I got pulled over after fixing my car and got a ticket for reckless driving, smoking the tires and who knows what else the cop was thinking.

I went to court and explained to the judge, even offered to let him drive my car. He declined but threw out the ticket anyway. Mechanically inclined – not so much, but I am the Real Truckmaster!

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