The Boonie Hat


Back in the day I was an 18 year old army trucker in Southeast Asia I was stationed so far in the sticks that everywhere we went was in the boonies.

We were envious of those boonie hats issued to and worn by select Air Force and army units.

Our unit wasn’t authorized to wear them. We all wanted a cool hat to wear on the road so I took matters into my own hands by picking up a felt hat downtown which I removed the band and punched up the top and pinned one side up so it looked like the boonie hat.

After clearing the gate fatigue shirts came off and boonie hats or bandannas magically appeared as we were officially headed into the Boonies of northeastern Thailand to a place called Nakhon Phanom (NKP) which we couldn’t say or spell so everyone called it Naked Fanny.

We just had to remember that when going south to Camp Friendship we had to arrive in proper uniform or command was anything but friendly.

After getting our cargo unloaded we obtained billeting for the night and headed for the enlisted club to unwind. My beverage of choice was and still is Pepsi. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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