J6 Attack on Democracy or Coup D’Etat?


J6 Attack on Democracy or Coup D’Etat?

What do you remember about J6 21? Is it what you saw happening or what you were told was happening? Americans were shocked at the images being broadcast showing hordes of MAGA folks storming the Nation’s Capital causing the combined session of Congress to be disrupted as legislators were rushed to safety.

Let’s back the truck up!

I remember watching as the trickling of MAGA supporters of President Trump began arriving at the Nation’s Capital building after a 45 minute walk from where he had been speaking concerning the illegal balloting irregularities and the importance of ordinary everyday deplorables to show their concern by watching the democratic process in action.

As I watched there were individuals being escorted inside by Capital Police and they weren’t MAGA folks being ushered in. Then Capital Police opened a door and waved for MAGA folks to come on in after being cautioned on respectful protocol and conduct once they were inside. I watched as they observed overturned trash receptacles and began righting them and picking up the spilled contents.

I also saw the footage of scruffy looking individuals wearing MAGA gear committing acts of violence with impunity. It was easy to see these were really MAGA impersonators and the damage had already been done as station after station began touting the same identical wording of how President Trump was responsible for angering the MAGA crowd enough to cause this assault on what Speaker Pelosi called the Temple of Democracy.

Nobody spoke kindly of USAF veteran Ashley Babbitt who was the only casualty after being shot and killed by a Capital Police Lieutenant who feared for his life from an unarmed 120 lb. female who posed no threat.

J6 was the organized preplanned cover up shielding the injustice that occurred on November 4th, 2020 and during the days and weeks after – what in any other country we would call it like we saw it – a Coup to take down the sitting President of the United States.

Whether naïve, unsuspecting or fueled by political hatred – American’s bought into it hook, line and sinker. This was a classic divide and conquer tactic straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook and it didn’t begin on J6/2021 or 11/4/2020, no the wheels were set in motion after the Democratic Party’s darling Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election making Donald Trump the President-Elect and on 1/21/2017 becoming POTUS #45.

This was a long-term Coup set to do whatever it took to unseat the duly elected President Donald Trump. In the end it had to happen in order to set the stage for the fiasco that has followed beginning in 2021. But first there had to be a sure-fired way to prevent the election being overturned and forcing Trump out of office. By J6 American’s were sure it was Trump’s fault and the cry “Crucify Him” echoed throughout the land. And to seal the deal government agencies began the search, identify and arrest without charges if necessary every MAGA supporter who was in the vicinity of DC on J6. Attempts were made to strip from POTUS #45 the benefits of a former president. Even after having left office 17 months ago the haters are still out there.

In case you don’t believe me, turn on cable TV and at least 5 or 6 stations are re-broadcasting the J6 propaganda/misinformation during the midterm elections so that voters will recoil against Republican candidates and change their votes to Democrat.



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