The Engine With More Than 535 Moving Parts


The Engine With More Than 535 Moving Parts

I don’t know how many hundreds of parts there are in an automobile engine, or how each is interconnected and/or affects the other parts, but when everything is in perfect working order you can start it by running fuel and air through it and it gives off a pretty good sound.

I’ve been watching a lot of cable tv programs where a pile of junk is brought to a shop on the back of a trailer with a blown engine and in 60 minutes this diamond in the rough rolls out the door to oooohs and aaaahs and then the owner takes it for a ride and marvels at the power and how great it sounds.

America was like that. Nobody expected this new world experiment to work. Even after the declaration was made and before the battle for a free and independent nation there were many who didn’t come on board. Instead they wanted no part of this proposed change and in many cases worked tirelessly to prevent it from happening.

The blueprint for America’s engine was written into our Constitution on the premise that all men are created equal by our creator. This called for an engine that today has 535 moving parts within the two Chambers of Congress. Each Chamber has a distinctive purpose, one to represent the people and the other to insure the states are represented.

Men and women have bled and died to protect the Constitution ensuring that Freedom reigns in this land of the free and home of the brave. Yet we still have people that have bought into the idea that America can be bought and sold for their own monetary gain.

An internal combustion engine operates with an electrical system, a fuel system, an oil lubrication system, and a liquid or air cooled system. Each part is designed for a specific function and cannot be interchanged with another part or system of which it is not designed.

Congress used to be that way too. Legislators vied for the vote of the people so they could go to Washington or to their local state legislature and accomplish great things for the people who sent them. Public Service was never designed to be a vocation or career with retirement benefits. Working people went to Congress, did their best and returned to their chosen vocation (ranching, farming, shop keeping, etc.) and America was the better for it.

When you add lobbyists, political action committees, groups with a driven purpose, political operatives or any other section of society into the mix it’s like pouring sawdust into the fuel system. One more thing to add is protocol. Like some ancient procedural rigmarole whereby the yays and the nays battle for dominance.  Throw in more than 250 committees and caucuses and now you have a recipe for disaster that when compounded over 250+ years moves slower than a snail crossing the road.

And finally using political diversion, subversion, slander and other dirty deeds over print media, the airwaves and now social media and the internet and it’s as if someone lit a keg of dynamite – the lids going to blow!

How do we fix it? I haven’t the slightest idea. But I do know the one who can fix it. Almighty God has told us that when his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and seek his face and turn from their wicked ways he will hear from heaven and heal their land.

Are we there yet?


One thought on “The Engine With More Than 535 Moving Parts

  1. A inventive way to compare our lousy government to the parts of a car engine. Moving parts working in unison for a single purpose. You’re right of course, our government used to be that way, but that was far and long ago and no one remembers. It is time for the good Lord to visit.


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