He Came Into the World


He Came Into the World

The most powerful empire the world had ever known controlled most of the known world. Men were fighting for dominance and control while a woman’s controlled was all powerful. There was corruption, slavery, death, imprisonment and executions while marriages and giving birth was normal. Life went on as it had since the fall of Adam and Eve. Everyone had an opinion on what the coming Messiah would do when he came. He was expected to smite down the Roman Empire and free the people of Israel because surely the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would not condone or let stand the grave injustices dealt out God’s chosen people.

Doesn’t that look like the world we live in today? Instead of a single powerful empire we have multiple empires that see themselves at the top of the heap. The world as we knew it has been turned upside down and toppled on its head. Selfishness, greed and power are the driving factions today.  

The only constant in life is change.

When Jesus came on the scene in that manger in Bethlehem nobody noticed, except the shepherds and the wise men. The religious leaders preached his coming as foretold in the Holy Scriptures but were unaware of his coming. The king knew of his impending arrival and attempted to prevent him by sleighing every possible newborn male.

As a child he spoke the scriptures as someone with authority and knowledge and those who heard him marveled. As he grew and learned as a man he did not seek to make himself noticed for his time was not yet.

His desire was to do the will of the Father and when his time had come his message was clear – God Loves You.

As he traveled he spoke to his audiences where they were at and he brought love. He taught of the love of the everlasting God because he was the love of God and those who saw him saw God.

Jesus came not to overthrow the Roman Empire or encourage revolts or sedition, he came to point the way to salvation. He made it clear that he came not to condemn the world, but that through him the world could be saved. He said he was the way, the truth and the life and he also said that nobody comes to the Father but through him.

Jesus laid down his life to pay the penalty for the sin of mankind and he is coming back again. Are you ready? We shouldn’t be overly concerned with the way the world is going or what’s happening around us because for the modern day believer the message is the same – Go unto the entire world and tell them “God Loves You”. –


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