Sacrificing on the Altar of Choice


Sacrificing on the Altar of Choice

The very recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe vs Wade has launched radical Democrats into orbit.

Let me paraphrase NY Rep AOC when she said the Court has endangered women and men and taken away the right to form our own families. Might I ask, what about the basic “right to life” being taken away from living human beings in the name of convenience and on the altar of “Choice”.

What if the Court simply overruled Roe vs Wade in order to return to the individual states the right to regulate abortion within each respective state, because quite frankly that is exactly what happened? It is now up to you and I to shut it down in our state – once and for all!

I think the bigger question is why nobody is asking what God meant when he said “You shall not kill!” After all it doesn’t matter at all what the court of man says, if God has declared it sin. In the final analysis standing before the judgement seat of God will render both an accounting and justice – what we each deserve!

We can see that politicians are on the wrong side of right and lives are on the line!


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