Somebody Ought to Do Something


Somebody Ought to Do Something

How many times have you heard someone say somebody ought to do something to right a wrong or to fix an obvious problem? Maybe you’ve said it yourself?

If it’s a bridge, you want an engineer to re-engineer the structure so that it won’t collapse. If it’s a highway, you want the potholes fixed and how do they happen anyway? If it’s a government project, you’d expect a supervisor or project manager to see that it’s done right the first time. It’s obvious that someone with experience, determination and resources can turn lemons into lemonade.

Not so with politicians. The old adage of when you find yourself digging a hole and it’s over your head – STOP DIGGING doesn’t apply.

Years ago someone asked an up and coming New York real estate developer if he had aspirations of becoming President. His answer seemed flippant at the time, “If my country needs me to” DJT (loosely paraphrased).

So what changed by the year 2015 to make this elderly businessman turned entertainer come down that golden escalator and announce to the world his hat was in the ring for President of the United States and as a Republican no less? I’ve read quite a bit about Trump having been a long time Democrat who hob-knobbed with politicians who wanted their picture taken with him because they wanted his money in their coffers.

I suspect he said to himself over and over “I could fix that” every time politicians let pork overtake common sense. He probably thought as president he could turn things around, but it just wasn’t his time yet.

What he had that politicians didn’t have was a vision of what America had been and could be once again. Not only that but he knew how to make things happen. He could take an idea, transfer it on paper and mold it into brick and mortar, laced with exotic gold trim that wealthy people wanted to buy.

I’m not saying that everything he touched was a golden egg, because he certainly had his share of business failures during his lifetime, yet he picked himself up, dusted himself off and started over or continued in a slightly different direction.

Politicians have a fear of not getting enough votes or having a skeleton in the closet that could sink their political ambitions. He had none. Oh there were blunders. He even bought an airline that cost a small fortune and failed miserably, but there was an incident where he used his airline as a means to rescue servicemen who were stranded and needed to get home for the holiday and he did it at his own expense. It’s sad that with all the military might available it took a private citizen to come to the rescue.

There was also an incident where he pulled his limo over to stop a mugger and held him until law enforcement arrived. Who else would have done that? There are many other examples I could site, but I’ve already written about them in earlier blog posts. Like first responders rushing toward danger, when somebody had to do something, he did.

And no he wasn’t then nor is he now perfect, not by a long shot. However while battling immense pressure from political opposition over his entire term as the #45th POTUS, he stood his ground when others blinked. He got things done, even while being politically stabbed in the back.

There is a time and a place for every season and there is nothing new under the sun. DJT’s time and place was to be available and obedient when called. I’ve often asked myself why would a self-made man who had everything – money, women and power – why would he put himself in the position of ridicule unless it was for the greater good.

Americans have forgotten the struggle for which freedom has been fought. As a nation we have turned our backs on the God of our ancestors, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have embraced the gods of pleasure, money and power so that he who has the most toys wins.

The single most comment I have heard was “he was a mean tweeter” and it was justifiable to ban him from that platform.

He said something to the effect that in life you can’t always choose your friends, but you can never afford NOT to recognize your enemies. I heard someone else say that not everyone who tells you they are is your friend.

There never is a right time to do wrong. –


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