Wrinkles Warts and All


Wrinkles Warts and All

How many times do we look over on the other side of the fence and think perfect, if I only had that I could live like a millionaire? Whether it’s a field of horses, cows, pigs or ears of corn, everything looks better when somebody else has it.

I have to remind myself what the good book says – covet not ANYTHING that is your neighbor’s.

We get that way with people sometimes don’t we? I don’t mind OPK (other people’s kids) so long as I don’t have to babysit. Some of us used to joke about when we get that age I’ll trade her in for a couple of 25 year old fillies. But hold that thought one minute. Have you seen what 25 year olds are doing now days?  Many can’t cook, clean or count change. That goes for guys too.

Being around the service industry and I see all sorts of people,  men and women of all ages, nationalities, physical abilities and disabilities, on their good days and their bad days too. They can be demanding, mean or condescending and a whole lot of vindictiveness sometimes all rolled into one.

The good book tells us to honor your father AND your mother that your days might be long. What must be hidden between the lines is what comes around, goes around. It’s YOUR kids who will be picking out where you could end up spending your days….long days at best.

I read recently that old man Clifton Clowers lived to be 102, farmed his land on “Wolverton Mountain”, even after a country song was written about him, he simply plowed his own field and lived in peace with the world around him. We tend to think it’s up to us to fix other people’s problems. We can’t and it’s not our job to try either.

The best we can do is extend God’s love to everyone we meet, by our conduct, our body language and by our talk. Runners and swimmers are told to stay in their own lane so they are not disqualified.

Maybe we should as well?  We can tell others that God loves them and let God sort out those who receptive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. After all God created everything and I’m pretty sure he’s up to the task of fixing people and things that are broken.

I think I’ll keep what God has given me wrinkles, warts and all. Besides my body is a roadmap of where I’ve been and why I look the way that I do! –


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